Monday, August 13, 2012

< V > TOEFL Vocabulary (117)

Gage, gauge (verb) 
to judge how people feel about something or what they are likely to do
Officials hope to gauge the effects alcohol programs.

Galaxy (noun) 
one of billions of systems, each including stars, nebulae, star clusters, globular clusters, 
and interstellar matter that make up the universe
Some prominent scientists believe that the evolution of the universe depended on a series
of explosions and that the shockwaves from these explosions were essential in the
formation of the galaxy.

Gargantuan (adjective) 
of extraordinary size and power
During the ice age, gargantuan glaciers formed that were so water-depleting that sea
levels around the world fell by three hundred and fifty feet.

Garner (verb) 
to collect something bit by bit
To garner support for the recall of the recently elected governor, the activists will have to
get 900,000 signatures from registered voters.

Gaunt (noun) 
having little flesh or fat on the body
The gaunt, philandering cowboy has become a stock character in Western movies.

Gaze (verb) 
an act of directing the eyes on an object
After a long gaze into the student’s eyes, the professor decided to discipline the student
for plagiarism.

Gelatinous (adjective) 
resembling a glutinous material obtained from animal tissues by boiling; especially: a 
colloidal protein used as a food, in photography, and in medicine
Scientists named the new species of jellyfish granrojo, Spanish for "big red." It's a
predator——a gelatinous blood-red cannonball between two and three feet (60 and 90
centimeters) across that floats through the deep ocean waters quietly devouring prey. 

Gender (noun)  
a grammatical correspondence to a classification of the two sexes 
Employers value graduates who have a keen understanding of the impact of cultural,
racial, and gender diversity in the workplace, and who comprehend the global nature of
business and industry. 

Gene (noun) 
a unit of heredity composed of DNA or RNA and forming part of a chromosome that
determines a particular characteristic of a person
The genetic basis is believed by researchers to be highly complex, probably involving
several genes in combination.    

Generic (adjective) 
relating to or characteristic of a whole group or class; being or having a nonproprietary 
name; having no particularly distinctive quality or application 
Aventis said the FDA cannot make a ruling on the application before February 24, 2004, 
and that it would mount legal challenges to make generic versions of its Love ox drug. 

Genre (noun) 
a kind of style or art
His career spans nearly all types of popular music from jazz to rock to dance and all
genres between. 

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