Tuesday, August 14, 2012

< V > TOEFL Vocabulary (127)

Icon (noun) 
an object of extreme devotion 
Raccoons are known for their intelligence and ability to get out of any jam. Their cunning
and survival skills make them one of the icons of the American wilderness. Humans well
know that it's nearly impossible to outsmart them and keep them out of garbage cans! 

Ideal (noun) 
a fervent hope, wish, or goal
Cervantes's work, a keen critique of the literature of his time, presented the clash between
reality and the ideals which Don Quixote sought to revive, and at the same time
originated the theme of the clairvoyance of insanity.

Ideology (noun) 
visionary theorizing; the integrated assertions, theories and aims that constitute a  sociopolitical program 
England was the world's most industrialized country in 1800, and from England the new 
industrial machinery, style of work, and ideology spread to the United States.

Idiosyncrasy (noun) 
a peculiar behavior
Known for having many idiosyncrasies, Mark Twain’s best work is his novel
Huckleberry Finn.

Ignoble (adjective) 
having or proceeding from low moral standards
Former ignoble President Clinton engaged in an illicit sexual relationship with an intern
named Monica Lewinsky.

Illegible (adjective) 
undecipherable; not understandable
The professor was unable to score the student’s essay because of her illegible

Ill-founded (adjective) 
having no basis or foundation in fact
It is important to remember that it was after this battle that the Union soldiers realized
that hopes for an easy victory over the south were ill-founded. 

Illumination (noun) 
something that serves to explain or clarify  
A moment of great illumination for a child is when he develops the ability to conceive of
things not present to the senses.

Illusion (noun) 
an erroneous perception of reality   
Starting with the Retablo de maese Pedro, Cervantes demonstrates a mastery of
theatrical illusion which, absent from part one, becomes another narrative function in
part two.

Illustrious (adjective) 
widely known and esteemed Adams revealed himself as a quintessential Puritan, patriarch of an illustrious family,
tough minded philosopher of the republic, sage, and sometimes a vain, stubborn, and
vitriolic partisan.

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