Tuesday, August 14, 2012

< V > TOEFL Vocabulary (138)

Latchkey (adjective) 
relating to a young child of working parents who must spend part of the day unsupervised 
as at home
Nearly 10.6 million children were being raised by full time stay at home moms last year,
up 13 percent in a little less than a decade. Experts credit the economic boom, the cultural
influence of America's growing Hispanic population and the entry into parenthood of a
generation of latchkey kids.
Lateral (adjective) 
of, at, toward, or from the side or sides 
If done properly, the taping of the lateral ligament will immobilize the knee structure to
prevent further injury.

Latitude (noun) 
freedom of action or choice
Even though some jobs have defined salary ranges, hiring managers generally have
some latitude to negotiate within that predetermined range based on a number of
different factors. 

Latter (adjective) 
after the first
In two further Italian journeys, he wrote two more operas for Milan, Ascanio in Alba
(1771) and Lucio Silla (1772). In 1772, Archbishop von Schrattenbach died, to be succeeded
by Hieronymus von Colloredo. The latter, at first sympathetic to the Mozart, later
became irritated by Wolfgang's prolonged absences and stubborn ways.

Launch (verb) 
to go about the initial step of doing something
Although several successful mining ventures were launched, much of the hype was

Laureate (noun)
the recipient of honor or recognition for achievement in an art or science
The Inamori Foundation announced the laureates of its 19th Annual Kyoto Prizes,
international awards presented to people who have contributed significantly to
mankind's betterment in the categories of Advanced Technology, Basic Science, and Arts
and Philosophy. 

Laurel (noun) 
honor or distinction
After his triumphant victory, the military commander recovered his laurels.

Lava (noun) 
matter flowing from a volcano that solidifies as it cools   
Hawaii’s volcanoes are typically characterized by the relatively quiet outflow of very
fluid lava and by sometimes spectacular lava fountains. 

Leakage (noun) 
action through which matter passes accidentally in or out of something 
Leakage from swimming pools can be a sign of an unstable slope.

Lean (adjective) 
having little flesh or fat on the body
Body Composition is the comparable amounts of fat and lean body tissue found in the

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