Tuesday, August 14, 2012

< V > TOEFL Vocabulary (175)

Retinue (noun) 
a group of advisers or assistants accompanying an important person
In 1569 he went to Italy as part of Cardenal Acquaviva's retinue and after signing up as
a soldier in 1570 fought in the battle of Lepanto aboard the galley Marquesa.
Retrieve (verb) 
get or bring back   The long cylinders of ancient ice that they retrieve provide a dazzlingly detailed record
of what was happening in the world over the past several ice ages.

Revenue (adjective) 
relating to the total income produced by a given source 
Resellers intent on building a steady revenue stream continue to fill backrooms with
assembly tools, components and test gear to turn out house-branded computer

Revere (verb) 
respect or admire deeply
He continued to be revered after his death from a fall while painting in 1682.

Reverse (verb) 
move backwards;  make something the opposite of what it was
It would seem socially unacceptable if the phrases above were reversed.

Revise (verb) 
examine and improve or amend text; reconsider and alter an opinion or judgment
A brief description of the invention, planning and drafting, middle draft peer review,
final draft, and revised final draft stages will be explained by various students whom I
have asked to speak today.

Revitalize (verb) 
to give new life or vigor to
Natural flooding of rivers revitalizes the habitats of many plants and animals and
enriches soils for planting. 

Rigid (adjective) 
incapable of changing or being modified
Intense heat changes the nature of clay so that it becomes stony and rigid.

Rigorous (adjective) 
not deviating from correctness, accuracy, or completeness
The standards of validity for experimental research are so rigorous that it may take a
researcher several years to get his results published in a scholarly journal.

Rim (noun) 
the upper or outer edge of something more or less circular  
The bicyclists raced around the southern rim of the Grand Canyon

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