Tuesday, August 14, 2012

< V > TOEFL Vocabulary (191)

Submerged (adjective) 
being beneath the surface or the bottom of a liquid
The most distinguished feature of the Atlantic is the mid-ocean ridge, a gigantic
submerged mountain range larger in area than the Alps and the Himalayas combined.
Subsequent (adjective) 
following something else in time
His continued skepticism, however, shaped his subsequent theological studies at
Crosier Theological Seminary in Chester, Pennsylvania, and at Boston University, where
he received a doctorate in systematic theology in 1955.

Subside (verb) 
to become less active or intense
When large areas of the sea floor elevate or subside, a tsunami can be created.

Subsidy (noun) 
a grant by a government to a private person or company to assist an enterprise deemed 
advantageous to the public  
The rivalry involves two of the best-run companies in the hemisphere, yet each side
protests that the other doesn't play fair because it relies on taxpayer subsidies. 

Subsistent (noun) 
the minimum as of food and shelter necessary to support life
Subsistent farming, in which a family is completely self-reliant, has decreased rapidly
since the advent of the industrial revolution.

Substitute for (verb) 
one that takes the place of another; to give up in return for something else
Although these maps are valuable for the general location of unstable areas, they can not
be substituted for a careful on site investigation.

Subtle (adjective) 
so slight as to be difficult to notice or appreciate
The subtle differences indicating the onset of a flu or cold may be difficult to distinguish.

Sue (verb) 
to institute or subject to legal proceedings
Even if a murder suspect is found innocent of all charges in a criminal court, he or she
may be sued in a civil court for a large sum of money.

Suffocating (adjective) 
so powerful as to stop the breathing of
In 1912, Garret Morgan invented what is now called a gas mask; the then called “Safety
Hood and Smoke Protector” contained enough air to allow someone to stay in a room full
of suffocating gases and smoke from fifteen to twenty minutes. 

Sugary (adjective) 
having or suggesting the taste of sugar  
The digestive system changes the large carbohydrates in mashed potatoes into sugary

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