Tuesday, August 14, 2012

< V > TOEFL Vocabulary (193)

Surrender (verb) 
to undergo capture, defeat, or ruin
As the battles continued, many of Sitting Bull's followers surrendered.

Surveillance (noun) 
close watch kept over someone or something as by a detective 
The Pentagon is developing an urban surveillance system that would use computers
and thousands of cameras to track record and analyze the movement of every vehicle in a
foreign city.

Survey (verb) 
to look over; to view broadly or from a height
Before a person reads a book, he should survey the chapter, the title, headings, and
subheadings, captions under pictures, charts, graphs or maps.

Sustaining (adjective) 
to keep in a condition of good repair, efficiency, or use
An abundant supply of water on the Moon would make establishment of a self
sustaining lunar colony much more feasible and less expensive than presently thought.

Sustenance (noun) 
the means to support life
During the early colonial years in America, many people traveled on horseback and
relied on corn for sustenance. 

Swallowing (noun) 
the act of causing food to pass from the mouth into the stomach
Our larynxes are low in our throats, and our vocal tracts have a sharp right angle bend
that creates two independently modifiable resonant cavities which is physiological design
to making breathing, swallowing, and chewing less efficient. 

Swamp (noun) 
a usually low-lying area of waterlogged ground and standing water
All lakes undergo an aging process, in which a crystal clear lake becomes a swamp full
of plant growth called algae.

Swell (verb) 
to make or become greater or larger
The wind generated swell one sees at a California beach, for example, spawned by a
storm out in the Pacific and rhythmically rolling in, one wave after another, might have a
period of about 10 seconds and a wave length of 150 m. 

Sweeping (adjective) 
marked by wholesale and indiscriminate inclusion: extensive 
In a victory for President Bush, both houses of Congress approved sweeping Medicare
legislation early Friday to give seniors a prescription drug benefit while creating a broad
new role for private insurance in the government run program.

Switch (noun) 
device for making and breaking the connection in an electrical circuit
In several famous and controversial demonstrations, chimpanzees have been taught to
use some hand signs based on American Sign Language, to manipulate colored
switches or tokens, and to understand some spoken commands. 

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