Tuesday, August 14, 2012

< V > TOEFL Vocabulary (199)

Traction (noun)
a pulling force exerted on something
The developing world is slower to catch on, but a movement by astronomers and
geoscientists in South Africa to establish a National Working Group to assess NEO
impact risk and mitigation is gaining traction.  

Trait (noun)   
a distinctive element
A unique trait to the Sperm Whale is that it can dive down deep into the ocean for long
periods of time.

Trance (noun) 
a state in which somebody is dazed or stunned or in some other way unaware of the 
environment and unable to respond to stimuli
Specialists generally believe that people with Multiple Personality Disorder may
experience any of the following: depression, mood swings, suicidal tendencies, sleep
disorders, headaches, amnesia, time loss, trances, and 'out of body experiences.

Transform (verb) 
to change people or things completely, especially improving their appearance or usefulness
The pupae will require another 1.5 to 2 months before it transforms into an adult and
becomes a threat to the palms.

Transplantation (noun) 
the act of moving something from one place into another
The transplantation of a pig heart into a human body revolutionized modern surgical

Trap (verb) 
to prevent air, gas, heat, or a fluid from escaping
Gases trapped in ice cores show the dramatic impact that human activities have had on
the planet since the Industrial Revolution.
Trauma (noun) 
an extremely distressing experience that causes severe emotional shock and may have 
long lasting psychological effects
Since the 1970s, therapists who believe in the reality of Multiple Personality Disorder
generally believe it to be caused by very severe abuse during childhood violence so
extreme that the child cannot absorb the trauma in its entirety.

Tread (verb) 
to step or walk on or over West Africa promised a peace force of at least 5,000 troops for Liberia if warring sides
halt fighting, and France suggested Saturday it was open to contributing troops _
stepping in where the United States, has so far declined to tread.

Treadmill (noun) 
an automatic machine allowing runners to run in place
Because of the intense cold and snow, Minnesota long distance runners often use
treadmills during the winter. 

Treaty (noun) 
a formal contract or agreement negotiated between countries or other political entities
They have also identified spike representing fallout from stepped up atmospheric testing
that took place just prior to the 1963 Test Ban Treaty, which allowed for underground
tests only. 

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