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< V > TOEFL Vocabulary (58)

Prestigious, adjective (prestige, prestigiously) 
famous, celebrated, distinguished, eminent, famed, illustrious, notable, prominent,
For example, a prestigious institution, job, or activity is respected and admired by people.
It’s one of the best equipped and most prestigious schools in the country.

Equip, verb (equips, equipping, equipped) 
furnish, accouter, appoint, arm, fit out, gear, outfit, rig, turn out
For example, if you equip a person or things with something, you give him/her the tools or
equipment that are needed.
Thanks to some endowments from some private companies, this laboratory is a 
 well-equipped research building.
Beating, noun (beatings) 
defeat, debacle, licking, overthrow, rout, thrashing 
For example, if someone is given a beating, he/she is hit hard many times, especially with
something such as a stick.  
The team secured pictures of prisoners showing signs of severe beatings.

Abuse, noun (abuses, abusing, abused) 
contumely, invective, obloquy, scurrility, vituperation
For example, abuse of something is cruel and violent treatment of it.
The police conducted an investigation of alleged child abuse.

Figure, noun (figures, figuring, figures)  
chuffer, cipher, digit, integer, numeral, whole number
For example, a figure is a particular amount expressed as a number, especially a statistic.
It would be very nice if we had a true figure of how many people in this country are                      

Submit, verb (submits, submitting, submitted)  
bring, deliver, present, offer, proffer, tender, send in, provide
For example, if you submit a proposal, report, or request to someone, you formally send it
to him/her so that he/she can consider it or decide about it.
They submitted their reports to the Chancellor yesterday.

Draft, noun (drafts, drafting, drafted) 
draw up, formulate, frame, make, prepare
For example, a draft is an early version of a letter, book, or speech.
If you recalculate some of the figures and submit another draft by tomorrow, you will
still be able to turn in the report by the deadline.

Allocation, noun (allocate, allocated, allocations)  
For example, an allocation is an amount of something, especially money that is given to a
particular person or used for a particular purpose.
We need to reconsider allocations for expenditures.

Expenditure, noun (expend, expenditures) 
expense, cost, disbursement, outlay
For example, expenditure is the spending of money on something, or the money that is
spent on something. 
Polices of tax reduction must lead to reduced public expenditures.

Procedure, noun (procedures)  
For example, a procedure is a way of doing something, especially the usual or correct way.
Police insist that Chia-Chin Yu did not follow the correct procedures in applying for a

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