Sunday, August 12, 2012

< V > TOEFL Vocabulary (69)

Ballistic (adjective) 
moving under the force of gravity only
A method of stretching is ballistic which involves 'bouncing' in your stretch.

Balmy (adjective) 
not severe, temperate
It is balmy in Paris and the birds and the bees are busy. 

Banal (adjective) 
without freshness or appeal due to overuse
At a garage sale, what may seem as banal objects to one person may be valued by

Bandage (noun)   
a therapeutic material applied to a wound
To stop the bleeding and to prevent infection, the paramedic put bandages on the
woman’s cut arm.

Bard (noun) 
someone who writes verse or poetry
Sir Walter Scott, a Scottish hero and bard, published many works still read in college
classes today.

Baron (noun) 
a man of great power or influence in some field of activity Jesse Fish, a native from New York City, moved to St. Augustine where he became
Florida’s first orange baron. 

Baseline (noun) 
a set of critical observations or data used for comparison or a control
Sales calls made within one state will fall under the new rules, setting a national
baseline above which states can set tougher guidelines if they wish. 

Basin (noun) 
the region drained by a river system, an area sunk below its surroundings
Sitting just west of the Nevada boundary, in the basin and range district of the Mojave
Desert, Death Valley is all but surrounded by mountain ranges, with a few roads
connecting the valley to the outside world through narrow passes.

Befriend (verb) 
to favor, to act as a friend to
Later the Mozart children displayed (1763-66) their talents to audiences in Germany, in
Paris, at court in Versailles, and in London (where Wolfgang wrote his first symphonies
and was befriended by Johann Christian Bach, whose musical influence on Wolfgang
was profound).

Belabor (verb) 
to hit heavily and repeatedly   
It is not the point of this discussion to belabor the issues of abortion.  Rather, we will
examine why women choose to have one.