Monday, August 13, 2012

< V > TOEFL Vocabulary (82)

Compose of (verb) 
to be the constituents parts of
Comets are composed of dust and frozen gases that scientists believe are little changed
since the formation of the solar system 4.5 billion years ago. 

Composite (adjective) 
combining the typical or essential characteristics of individuals making up a group
Disclosing the list ''would give terrorist organizations a composite picture of the
government investigation,'' Sentelle wrote. 

Compound (noun) 
consisting of two or more interconnected parts
A molecule is a compound or group of atoms.

Compress (verb) 
to reduce in size by or as if by drawing together 
Less than 5 billion years ago, in a distant spiral arm of our galaxy, called the Milky Way,
a small cloud of gas and dust began to compress under its own weight.

Comprise of (verb) 
to have as integral parts
On the east side of the valley is the Armargosa Range, comprised of three separate

Compulsion (noun) 
an irresistible, repeated, irrational, impulse to perform some act
People with Multiple Personality Disorder may experience any of the following:
depression, mood swings, suicidal tendencies, sleep disorders, panic attacks and phobias,
alcohol and drug abuse, and compulsions. 

  Computational (adjective) 
describing the process of determining a number or amount through calculation and 
through the use of a computer.
Cognitive Psychology is an empirical science and depends on careful experimental
procedures and paradigms to test theories about these mental processes. This program is
especially geared towards the application of formal and computational modeling and
neuroscience methods to these basic questions.

Conceivable (adjective) 
capable of being anticipated, considered, or imagined
The community consists of an enormous number of people of every conceivable age,
race, religion, lifestyle, income and opinion.

Concord (noun) 
the state of individuals who are in complete agreement
Initially, when settlers migrated west to settle on their own farmlands, there was no
concord with the Native American population.

Concrete (adjective) 
having actual reality
There is no concrete proof for the existence of a supreme being, which is why some
people are atheists. 

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