Monday, August 13, 2012

< V > TOEFL Vocabulary (85)

Consultant (noun) 
one who advises another, especially officially or professionally
Business consultants often advise their clients to make long term investments.

Consummate (adjective) 
supremely excellent in quality or nature
Mozart was commissioned to compose a new opera for Munich, Idomeneo (1781), which
proved that he was a consummate master of opera series.

Containment (noun) 
the state of holding back or within fixed limits; to restrain
The government is increasingly drawn into discussions about healthcare reform,
particularly when it relates to cost containment.

Contemporary (adjective) 
modern, in existence now
In 1989, the musician came back with “Back On the Block,” another grand tour of
contemporary Rhythm and Blues (R&B) with a guest list that read like a Who's Who of

Contentious (adjective) 
inclined to act in a hostile way; given to arguing
A contentious argument erupted during the classroom debate. 

Continental (adjective) 
of the mainland; any of the main large land areas of the earth
Around the margins of the Pacific Ocean, for example, denser oceanic plates slip under
continental plates in a process known as seduction.

Contour (adjective)
following contour lines or forming furrows or ridges along them  
Contour plowing diminishes water-polluting runoff. 

Contraception (noun)
deliberate prevention of conception or impregnation
It is widely known as the "morning-after pill," but new research confirms that emergency
contraception reliably prevents pregnancy even when taken as long as five days after
having sex. 

Contract (verb) 
to reduce in size by or as by drawing together
A partner will stretch your muscle group to a comfortable level. Then you contract as
tight as you can and hold for about 6 to 10 seconds. You then relax and your partner
stretches you further, repeating the process.

 Contrive (verb) 
to form a strategy for
Chimpanzees require massive regimented teaching sequences contrived by humans to
acquire quite rudimentary abilities. 

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