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< TJ > Vocabulary - Arti Kata 'Suppose'

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By Rio Silaen
via Facebook Page @Sukses Toefl Ielts
29 Sept 2012

gud afternoon admin :) what's the meaning of "suppose" and how t use it in a sentence?

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This is what I have to answer your question:
1. Berandai-andai: Suppose we win the lottery.
2. Menganggap benar atas sesuatu yang belum pasti: Scientists supposed that large dinosaurs lived in swamps.
3. Menunjukkan kemungkinan: I suppose it will rain.
4. Untuk menyampaikan usulan/ide: Suppose we dine together.

To be supposed to:
1.    Menunggu/mengharapkan jadwal acara/event: The game is supposed to begin at 10:00.
2.    Mengharapkan sesuatu berjalan sesuai aturan: The committee is supposed to vote by secret ballot.
3.    Mengharapkan seseorang/orang lain bertindak seperti yang diinginkan: I
a.     I am supposed to go to the meeting. My boss told me that he wants me to attend.
b.    The children are supposed to put away their toys before they go to bed.
4.    Digunakan untuk menunjukkan sesuatu yang diharapkan tapi tidak terjadi pada waktu lampau: Jack was supposed to call me last night. I wonder why he didn’t.

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