Saturday, January 5, 2013

< Conv > Bertukar Informasi (4)

7. Asking to pass information
Less Formal
Would you mind telling him about ...?
Excuse me, could you just phone her and ...?
Will it be convenient for you to ...?
I'd be most grateful if you could remind him of ...
Could you pass this information on to ..., please?
Can you pass this news to ...?
Would you kindly convey this ...?
Will you kindly inform ... about?
Could you kindly tell ...?

8. Finding out about the source of information
Where did you get all this from?
Less Formal
Who did you hear this from?
How did he come to know all that ...?
Did he happen to know ...?
Are you sure he is the right person to say that ...?
Do you feel confident about ...?
Can you rely on his information ...?

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