Saturday, January 5, 2013

< Conv > Bertukar Informasi (9)

17. Asking if something is correct
Anything wrong with ...?

Less Formal
Is that right?
Is it true that ...?
Is ... right, please?
Is ... correct, please?
I'd like to check that I've got it right.
Have I got ... right, please?
Could you tell me if ... is right/correct, please?
Am I right?

Am I right in thinking/supposing ...?
Would you mind telling me if it is correct?

18. Saying something is correct
That's fine.
That's all right.
That's 0. K.
Nothing wrong with that.

Less Formal
Yes, you're right.
Yes, that's right.
Yes, that's quite right.
Yes, that's correct.
Yes, ...

Yes, I should like to confirm ...
I should say it is perfectly correct.

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