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Animals Are Parents Too

I want to let you know about an event that
changed my life many years ago. It is a
memory that periodically comes and goes,
but it is one of the most precious memories
that me and my wife share. I am thankful
that we can remember it together. It's a
reminder that things are not what they seem
and that angels come in many packages.
We live in College Station, Texas and we
were on our way home from Houston, Texas
around the Weston Lakes area one Saturday
or Sunday morning. And when I say morn-
ing, I'm talking 1:00 to 2:00 in the morning.
We were on our way home and decided to
stop at a local gas station to get coffee and
something to snack on since it was a good
hour and a half before we got home.
When we were done, we got back into our
car and before I started it, we noticed a man
standing outside in front of the building. You
could tell that he was a homeless man. His
clothes were tattered and worn and it looked
like he had gone in and gotten him some cof-
fee or something warm to drink since it was
cold this time of the year. He must have not
had enough money to get something to eat.
That is not something I remember too well,
because that is not what "moved" me.
The next thing I remember is a dog that
walked up to the front of the building. Being
a dog lover, I noticed that she was part wolf
and probably part German shepherd. I could
tell she was a she, because you could tell
that she had been feeding puppies. She was
terribly in need of something to eat and I felt
so bad for her. I knew if she didn't eat soon,
she and her puppies would not make it.
Me and my wife sat there and looked at
her. We noticed that people walked by and
didn't even pet her, like most people do when
they walk by an animal in front of a store.
She might not have been as pretty and clean
as most, but she still deserved better. But we
still did not do anything. But someone did.
The homeless man, who I thought did not
buy himself anything to eat, went back into
the store. And what he did
brought tears to me and my
wife. He had gone into the
store and with what
money he may have had, bought a can of
dog food and fed that dog.
I know that this story isn't as inspirational
as most stories, but it plays a great part in
our lives. You see, that was Mother's Day
weekend. And a lot of people forget that
some animals are parents too. And animals
as well as us are God's creations too.
It would be a better story if I could
remember all the details, but even without
the details, I believe it still gets the message
across. It took a homeless man, to show me
what I should have done. He made me a bet-
ter man that day.

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