Sunday, January 13, 2013

< RM > story - Winning


His mother told us the
story the day after.
Kenneth was in junior
high school and was excit-
ed and eager about par-
ticipating in a day of
Special Olympics events.
While his parents watched
expectantly from the
stands, he ran and won
the first race. He was
proud of his ribbon and
the cheers from the
He ran in the second
race. Just at the finish
line, when he again would
have won, he stopped,
then stepped off the track. His parents gen-
tly questioned him. "Why did you do that,
Kenneth? If you had continued running, you
would have won another race."
Kenneth innocently replied, "But, Mom, I
already have a ribbon. Billy didn't have a rib-
bon yet."

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