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Jack and The Beanstalk        

Jack is a little boy. He lives with his moth-
er. They have a small house. And they
have a cow. Her name is Susie. Here is
their house. And here is their cow, Susie.
One day, a giant comes to their house.
The giant takes their money.
Now  Jack and his mother are unhappy.
They have no money for food. And Susie has
no milk. They must sell Susie.

Jack takes Susie to the  market. He wants
to sell Susie. At the market, Jack meets an
old man. ''Hello,'' says the old man.
''Hello,'' says Jack.
''Are you selling your cow?" asks the old
''Yes,'' says Jack.
''How much is she?'' asks the old man.
''How much money can you give?'' asks
''I can give five beans,'' says the old man.
'' Five beans!'' says Jack.
'' Yes,'' says the old man. ''They are magic
beans. You can grow a giant beanstalk with
Jack is excited. He wants the magic beans.
''Okay,'' says Jack. ''Here's the cow."
  Jack gives Susie to the old man. The old
man gives the beans to  Jack.
Jack goes home. He shows the beans to
his mother. His mother is very angry. "We
have no money," she says.
''And you sell our cow for these beans?''
She throws the beans out of the window.
That night, Jack and his mother have no
food. Jack is hungry and unhappy. His moth-
er is hungry and unhappy. They go to bed.
The next morning, Jack gets up. He looks
out of the window. And he sees a giant
beanstalk. ''Wow!'' says Jack. ''It's very tall.
I can't see the top.''
Jack is very excited. He goes into the
garden. He climbs the beanstalk.
Jack climbs and climbs and climbs. Finally
he sees a big castle. It's a giant castle.
In the door of the castle, there is a small
hole. Jack walks through the hole and into
the castle. Inside, he sees a big, tall woman.
She is a giant.
'' He-LLO,'' Jack shouts. '' I'm very hungry.
Please, can I have some breakfast?"
The giant woman looks at Jack.
"Breakfast? You want some breakfast? You
can't have breakfast here,'' she says. "My
husband is here. He eats little boy for
At that moment, they hear a loud
'' Quick,'' says the woman. ''Hide in
the  cupboard.''   Jack hides in the cup-
The  big, fat, ugly giant walks into the
'' Yummy, yummy, yummy- oh!   I smell a
boy! '' The giant shouts.
'' There is nobody here ,'' says his  wife. ''
Sit down and eat your breakfast.'' The big,
fat, ugly giant sits down. He eats his break-
Then, he puts a big bag on the table. In
the bag, there are some gold coins. The giant
counts the gold coins. '' .... one thousand
and twenty, one thousand and twenty one,
one ...... snorr rr rr ........''  The giant is
Jack watches the giant from the cupboard.
Those are our gold coins, he thinks. Then, he
carefully opens the cupboard door. He walks
slowly and quietly to the  table. He wants to
take the gold coins but .......
Suddenly, the giant  wakes up.
'' Yummy, yummy, yummy- oh! I smell a
boy!'' the giant shouts.
Jack runs and jumps into the big pot.
There is  soup in the pot. Jack hides in the
pot and waits.
The giant's wife comes into the room. She
is carrying a hen.
"There is no boy in the castle,'' she says to
her husband. Then, she puts the hen on the
floor.'' Look! Here's your favourite hen.''
The big, fat, ugly giant and his wife watch
the hen. Jack watches the hen.  Look! There
is an egg. It is a golden egg. The giant is
"Please, bring my golden harp,'' he says.
His wife brings the golden harp. The
golden harp plays. It plays a beautiful
"I'm hungry," shouts the giant. ''I
want some soup.''   His wife brings the
big pot to the table . She gives the giant
some soup. Splash! Jack falls into the
giant's bowl.
The giant sees Jack.
'' Yummy, yummy, yummy - oh!  I smell
a boy!'' the giant shouts.

The giant reaches for Jack. Jack jumps off
the table and onto the hen's back. First, Jack
takes the golden  harp. Next, he takes the
bag of gold coins. Then, the hen runs across
the floor with Jack.
''Ha-ha,'' laughs Jack. '' You can't catch
me.'' The hen is very frightened. It runs very
fast. The giant cannot catch the hen.
The  giant is very angry. He runs after
Jack and the hen. They run out of the castle.
They run across the clouds. Finally, they
come to the beanstalk.
Jack throws the bag of gold coins. It falls
down and down and down into Jack's garden.
The big, fat, ugly giant is coming. Quickly,
Jack puts the golden harp onto the hen's
back. Then, Jack takes the hen by the legs.

Quickly, Jack climbs down the beanstalk.
The giant is behind him. They climb down
and down and down.
''Mother! Mother!'' Jack shouts. '' Bring
the axe. Bring the axe.''
Jack's mother brings the axe. Jack jumps
to the ground. Quickly, he takes the axe.
Jack  chops the beanstalk.
Crash! The beanstalk falls to the ground.''
Help!'' shouts the giant. Crash! The big, ugly
giant falls to the ground.
'' Hurray.'' Shouts Jack. '' The giant is
Now, Jack and his mother are happy.
Every day, there is another golden egg. And
every day, people come and listen to the
golden harp.
Jack and his mother give food and money
to their friends and neighbours. Nobody in
their village is hungry now. And everybody is

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