Monday, August 13, 2012

< V > TOEFL Vocabulary (110)

Exquisite (adjective) 
of such tasteful beauty as to elicit admiration
Although the Neanderthal man was not yet fully human and although he had a brain
volume larger than that of modern man, he made exquisite tools of stone.

Extirpate (verb) 
to destroy completely, to wipe out
The insecticides sprayed around the house have successfully extirpated the termite

Extol (verb) 
to pay tributes or homage to; to honor (a diety) in religious worship
Benjamin Franklin extols the virtues of honesty, integrity, high moral standard in some
of his writings.

Extraordinary (adjective) 
far beyond what is usual, normal, or customary
Quincy Jones has won an extraordinary number of Grammy Awards both as musician
and producer.

Extraneous (adjective) 
not part of the essential nature of a thing; not relevant or 
pertinent to the subject; not 
An essay with poor development, simplistic organization, and extraneous details will
score 2.0 or lower on TOEFL iBT writing. 

Eye-catching (adjective) 
of such a character as to overwhelm 
At the performance, the jugglers made such an eye-catching performance that they
were given a five minute standing ovation.

Facet (noun) 
the particular angle from which something is considered The album ranged widely across the various facets of contemporary Rhythm and Blues
including the dance hit Ai No Corrida and making a star out of James Ingram with his
lead vocals featured on Just Once and One Hundred Ways. 

Facilitation (noun) 
the act of smoothing, aiding, assisting, or helping
Progressive neuromuscular facilitation is the process of providing force during
stretching so as to improve the flexibility of an athlete.

Fall out of favor (verb phrase) 
losing one’s popularity
By 1900 small electric wind systems were developed to generate direct current, but most
of these units fell out of favor when rural areas became attached to the national
electricity grid during the 1930s.

Fallout (noun) 
radioactive nuclear debris
In April 1986, Russia's nuclear power station at Chernobyl exploded, killing 250 people
and sending radioactive fallout around the world. 

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