Monday, August 13, 2012

< V > TOEFL Vocabulary (111)

Farce (noun) 
a false, derisive, or impudent imitation of something
That there was gold in many parts of the Sacramento River turned out to be a farce.

Far-flung (adjective) 
widely spread or distributed 
We follow them from the Dodger camp in Santa Domingo to spring training in Florida
and through their first years in America and professional baseball in places as far-flung
and overwhelmingly white as Great Falls, Montana.

Far-reaching (adjective) 
covering a wide scope
The crash of the Stock Market in 1929 had far-reaching effects on the US economy.

Fatality (noun) 
a termination of life, usually the result of an accident or a disaster 
Many fatalities  have occurred from floods in the Midwest. 

Fatigue (noun) 
the condition of being extremely tired  
In general, a high measure of cardio respiratory endurance is the ability to perform
about 60 minutes of vigorous exercise without too much fatigue.

Fearlessness (noun) 
the quality of mind enabling one to face danger or hardship 
courageously, with decision, and unwavering firmness
The Sioux fought against hostile tribes and white intruders. Soon, Sitting Bull became
known for his fearlessness in battle.

Feasible (adjective) 
capable of occurring or being done
The cost analysis of a proper prescribed burn and the cost of battling a blaze in the load
fuel laden forests need to be considered to see which method is more economically
feasible given the tight budgetary constraints with which the government has to

Feat (noun) 
a great or heroic deed; something completed successfully
Swimming across the English Channel is an athletic feat that few people ever

Feature (noun) 
a distinctive element
A cold reading is the description of the personality, characteristics, features, past
experiences and sometimes the future of a person without the use of standard
psychological or other formal diagnostic procedures.

Feedback (noun) 
information about the result of an experiment or action
Constructive feedback to a child’s positive behaviors is essential in conditioning him to
exhibit good behavior.

Feedstock (noun) 
a supply stored or hidden for future use
Recycled materials, such as aluminum, also provide manufacturers with valuable
feedstock. For example, recycled aluminum cans are used to make new cans. 

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