Monday, August 13, 2012

< V > TOEFL Vocabulary (112)

Fermentation (noun) 
breaking down of a substance by microorganisms, such as yeasts and bacteria, usually in
the absence of oxygen, especially of sugar in making alcohol
In ancient times, people used fermentation to make beer and used plants to produce
dyes and medicines.

Fertility (noun)  
the quality or state of being capable of breeding or reproducing 
Although the impact of age on a woman's fertility has been well-studied, experts say this
is the first time such a strong association has been found between age and male fertility
in the time it takes to conceive a child. 

Fetus (noun) 
a developing human from usually three months after conception to birth
The young mother could feel her child’s fetus moving in her womb.

Fidelity (noun) 
faithfulness or devotion to a person, a cause, obligations, or duties
In order to be considered a good Christian, a person must practice marital fidelity. 

Figure (noun) 
mathematical calculations
According to the  figures compiled by Standard & Poor’s DRI division for the US
Conference of Mayors and National Association of Counties, the US’s 314 metro regions
are clearly the economic drivers, providing 84 percent of new jobs, 95 percent of high-
tech jobs, 88 percent of the country's income.

Filter (verb) 
clarify, refine, clean
An electric pump filters out most of the impurities in a swimming pool.

Finished (adjective) 
marked by having the highest quality
Japanese businesses are adept at importing raw materials and exporting finished
products to countries all over the world.
Finite (adjective) 
limited, having a specific number
A black hole oscillates increasingly rapidly, performing an infinite number of oscillations
in a finite time.

Fizz (noun) 
bubbles, hisses, and foams in a beverage as gas escapes  
Torp rejected Green Peace’s suggestion that CO2 injection was illegal, noting that it was
legally sold and exported-- it is the ingredient that puts fizz in beer or soft drinks.

Fizzle (verb) 
to fail or end feebly especially after a promising start — often used with the word out  
Three decades after the concept of Pan-Africanism fizzled out; satellite television is
working where liberation philosophy did not: connecting and modernizing the world's
poorest continent.  

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