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< V > TOEFL Vocabulary (140)

Limnologist (noun) 
a scientist who studies life in fresh water
Limnologists recognize that the problems of life in running water and still water
Lineage (adjective) 
a group of people sharing common ancestry
The advantage of lineage endogamy in Turkey is the imposition of a bride price lower
than those in contracts involving more distant social bonds.

Linger on (verb) 
to stop temporarily and remain, as if reluctant to leave
The effects of a cold can linger on for as long as three weeks.

Link (verb) 
to unite or be united in a relationship
There are also mixed results of studies linking bladder cancer and firefighting.

Literacy (noun) 
ability to read and write; or to have proficiency in something 
During the job search, sociology graduates should stress their work and internship
experience, analytical skills, oral and written communication skills, computer literacy,
and knowledge of statistics and research design.

Literal (adjective) 
taking words in their basic sense without metaphor or allegory 
Dr. Martin Luther King resented religious emotionalism and questioned literal 
interpretations of scripture; he nevertheless greatly admired black social gospel  proponents such as his father who saw the church as a instrument for improving the lives 
of African Americans.

Literary (adjective) 
well-informed about literature   
In January 1925, Faulkner moved to New Orleans and fell in with a literary crowd
which included Sherwood Anderson (author of Winesburg, Ohio) and centered around
The Double Dealer, a literary magazine whose credits include the first published works of
Hart Crane, Ernest Hemingway, Robert Penn Warren, and Edmund Wilson.

Lofty (adjective) 
extending to a great height
When feeding in a field, crows usually post a sentinel on a lofty perch to sound a
warning if any danger should approach.

Longevity (noun) 
long life
Recent research has shown that regular exercise and a healthy lifestyle can increase

Longitude (noun) 
angular distance east or west from the prime meridian
At some longitudes the observer would see the Sun rise and then gradually increase in
apparent size as it slowly moved toward the zenith. At that point the Sun would stop,
briefly reverse course, and stop again before resuming its path toward the horizon and
decreasing in apparent size.

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