Tuesday, August 14, 2012

< V > TOEFL Vocabulary (147)

Molecule (noun) 
the smallest particle of an element or compound  
This process of breaking down large molecules into their smallest parts so our body can
use them is termed digestion.

Molest (verb) 
to make annoying sexual advances to; especially: to force physical and sexual contact
A California man was charged with molesting his daughters almost 50 years ago.  

Momentum (noun) 
a strength or force that keeps growing
If it impacted the earth with enough momentum and if it was large enough, a meteorite
could cause the extinction of the human species.

Monopoly (noun) 
exclusive control or possession
Even though Thomas Jefferson was against most forms of monopoly, he believed that
an invention should be protected from attempts to copy it.

Morale (noun) 
mental attitudes of a person, especially with regards to confidence and discipline
It is important to have high morale in a company so that productivity remains high. Morpheme (noun) 
the smallest meaningful unit of speech
A word may contain more than one morpheme, as in antiestablishment, in which there
are three morphemes. 

Mortality (noun) 
the condition of being mortal; especially the nature of man, as having the nature to die 
Of 14 studies on the mortality of firefighters, 11 found excess risk for brain cancer.

Mortar (noun)   
a mixture of cement, lime, or gypsum plaster with sand and water that hardens and is used 
in masonry or plastering
From a physicist’s point of view, the fermions are the bricks on which the world is built,
and the bosons are the mortar that binds them together.

Mount (verb) 
to set on something that elevates 
Wheels mounted on a frame over a river were the first devices used to harness water

Movingly (adverb) 
so as a general arousing or stirring of the emotions or feelings
Talking movingly to her father upon departure, Karen told him that she would return
in two years.

Multiethnic (adjective) 
having to do with people in a society or community of many different nationalities
The sociological perspective is crucial for working in today's multiethnic and
multinational business environment.

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