Tuesday, August 14, 2012

< V > TOEFL Vocabulary (146)

Migrate (verb) 
an object which travels from one place to a new place; to leave one’s native land and to 
settle in another
The lunar surface is bombarded with water rich objects such as comets, and scientists
have suspected that some of the water in these objects could migrate to permanently
dark areas at the lunar poles, perhaps accumulating to useable quantities.

Mild (adjective) 
free from extremes in temperature; free from severity or violence, as in movement
Most people have observed mild dissociative episodes in which they lose touch with their
surroundings. Examples include daydreaming, highway hypnosis, or losing oneself in a
movie or book.

Milestone (noun) 
significant event or stage in a person’s life
Since the ability to achieve competency varies to a great degree in adults and less so in
children (who possess the same high proficiency capabilities), does this not in itself
suggest an overall pattern of ability set on by age? Perhaps, the onset of a sensitive
period changes according to the individual just as growth patterns and personal
milestones are reached at different times in one’s life. 

Millennium (noun) 
a period of 1,000 years
Indeed, fallout from the Chernobyl nuclear accident has turned up in ice cores, as has
dust from violent desert storms countless millennia ago.

Mingle (noun) 
to take part in social activities
From time to time, a worker should mingle with other co-workers at Halloween,
Christmas, and New Year’s parties.

Misconception (noun) 
to be mistaken in judgment
One of the common misconceptions many job seekers have, especially recent
graduates, is that a degree automatically means more money or a certain amount of it.

Misnomer (noun) 
a wrong name or designation
Fixed-rate cards, meanwhile, are something of a misnomer, since their rates aren't
actually fixed. 

Mnemonic (adjective) 
a technique or system of improving the memory by the use of certain formulas
Develop mnemonic devices for material which needs to be memorized.    

Mobilize (verb) 
to assemble, prepare, or put into operation, as for war or a similar emergency
Although increasingly portrayed as the pre-eminent black spokesperson, King did not
mobilize mass protest activity during the first five years after the Montgomery boycott

Moderate (verb) 
to make or become less severe; to become less active or intense
The union has hired someone to moderate the arguments between the faculty and the

Moisture (noun) 
water or other liquid causing a slight dampness or wetness
The child sleeps on a pad that buzzes loudly the moment it detects moisture. 

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