Tuesday, August 14, 2012

< V > TOEFL Vocabulary (159)

Phenomenal (adjective) 
so remarkable as to elicit disbelief
Few in the music world were prepared for the phenomenal success in 1983 of Michael
Jackson's Thriller produced by Quincy Jones. 

Phobia (noun) 
having a fear of something 
People who have a lot of phobias will also be characterized as having unusually high
stress levels.

Phony (adjective) 
unreal, fake, pretend 
Multiple Personality Disorder was being thrown into disrepute by many people giving
phony demonstrations of alter switching during television talk shows.

Phrase (noun) 
to convey in language or words of a particular form 
It would seem socially unacceptable utter the following phrase to a co-worker: “You are

Physiologist (noun) 
one who studies the functions of the living organisms and their living parts 
The first studies done with classical conditioning were performed by Ivan Pavlov, a
Russian physiologist.

Pier (noun) 
a structure extending into navigable water for use as a landing place or promenade or to 
protect or form a harbor
Seaweeds, or algae, some of which attach themselves to stationary objects such as rocks
or piers by the suction of organs called holdfasts, do not have roots like higher land
Pigment (noun) 
something that imparts color
Many types of seaweed and other plants that do not appear to be green also have
chlorophyll and therefore can convert the sun's energy into food.  In these plants, the
greenness is hidden by other pigments.

Pilgrimage (noun) 
a journey to a shrine or sacred place
Dr. Martin Luther King emphasized the goal of black voting rights when he spoke at the
Lincoln Memorial during the 1957 Prayer Pilgrimage for Freedom.

Pinpoint (verb) 
to look for and discover; to establish the identification of
In cores from Antarctica and Greenland, researchers have pinpointed the beginning of
atomic bomb testing in the mid 1950s. 

Pipeline (noun) 
a line of pipe with pumps, valves, and control devices for conveying liquids, gases, or solids
Diamonds were formed under extreme heat and pressure at our Earth's core. They
traveled to the surface through volcanic pipelines known as kimberlitic during the
Earth's formation.

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