Tuesday, August 14, 2012

< V > TOEFL Vocabulary (160)

Pivotal (adjective) 
vitally important, crucial
The difference is that these kids were already playing a pivotal role in the shaping of
that culture, being the first generation to grow up with a Life on the Internet. 

Placebo (noun) 
an inert or harmless substance used especially in the controlled experiments testing the 
effectiveness of another substance
The research compared results of the crushed-body treatment with the results of
immunotherapy that used insect venom and also the results of a placebo.

Plug (verb)
to make unsuitable for passage or progress by obstruction 
Acne starts when greasy secretions from the skin's sebaceous glands plug the tiny
openings for hair follicles. 

Plausible (adjective) 
worthy of being believed
Believing that he had a plausible alibi the day his wife was murdered, investigators let 
the suspect go home with no charges being filed.

Playwright (noun) 
a person who writes plays
William Shakespeare, famous for the tragedy “Romeo and Juliet,” was one of the greatest
playwrights to ever exist. 

Plume (noun) 
an open and mobile column of smoke, exhaust gases, or blowing snow
Great plumes of smoke were seen in the horizon.

Poach (verb) 
to take game or fish by illegal methods
Chinese folk medicines utilize almost every part of the tiger's body, leading to widespread
poaching of these animals. 

Pocketbook (noun) 
financial resources: income 
Our recommendations will help you build a system that fits both your needs and your

Polygamy (noun) 
marriage in which a spouse of either sex may have more than one mate a the same time
Polygamy is allowable in Islamic tradition but is prohibited in Turkish law.

Polyp (noun) 
a projecting mass of swollen and hypertrophied or membrane; a coelenterate that 
has typically a hollow cylindrical body surrounded by tentacles armed with nematocysts   
The ability that humans have to change the earth’s surface is rivaled only by colonies of
tiny coral polyps, which over millions of years form massive coral reefs of limestone.

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