Tuesday, August 14, 2012

< V > TOEFL Vocabulary (163)

Prescribed (adjective) 
relating to setting forth expressly and authoritatively
Not only have national parks been thinking about this option, private land owners have
been debating prescribed burning as well.

Presumably (adverb) 
according to a tentative assumption
While a psychologist openly shares psychological principles to promote treatment,
psychics use psychology as a personal tool to manipulate the client, known as the sitter,
presumably for the sitter's own good.

Prevalence (noun) 
the quality or condition of being usual
Its prevalence rate makes autism one of the most common developmental disabilities.

Prey (noun) 
one that is made to suffer injury, loss, or death
Venom is then injected into the prey by an opening near the tip of the fang. 

Primarily (adverb) 
for the greater or larger part; mostly Sulfates, which originate primarily in coal fired power plants, started rising around

Primate (noun) 
any of an order of mammals comprising man together with the apes, monkeys or related 
Allelomimetic behavior is highly developed among primates, where it has the principal
function of providing warning against predators. 

Primitive (adjective) 
of or pertaining to early stages in the evolution of human culture  
In primitive times, there were no televisions, radios, or microwaves.

Principal (adjective) 
most important, influential, or significant
William Faulkner’s principal residence during the next several months was near Paris,
France, just around the corner from the Luxembourg Gardens, where he spent much of
his time; his written description of the gardens would later be revised for the closing of
his novel Sanctuary.

Principle (noun) 
a broad and basic rule or truth
The best philosophy I can convey about how to avoid problems is the principle of the
three red flags, which states that most accidents are not the result of an unavoidable
"karmic-cannonball," but rather are the predictable outcome of a series of related events.

Prior to (verb) 
going before; just gone by or elapsed
No one else had gone to college prior to his entering Harvard.

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