Tuesday, August 14, 2012

< V > TOEFL Vocabulary (162)

Power plant (noun) 
a building or complex in which electricity is produced Atmospheric carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxides from coal  and oil burning
power plants, cars, and other fossil fuel burning sources have climbed along with the
world population, with as yet unknown effects on the climate system.

Prairie (noun) 
a large area of level or rolling land in the Mississippi River valley that has deep fertile soil, 
a cover of tall coarse grasses, and few trees
The Midwestern part of the United States is characterized by vast prairies, rich
agricultural farmland, and intense thunderstorms.

Precipitate (verb) 
something brought about by a cause
In 1861_1862, Federal forces pushing southward from St. Louis captured Forts Henry
and Donelson on the Tennessee and Cumberland rivers, which precipitated the Battle
of Shiloh.

Precise (adjective) 
clearly, fully, and sometimes emphatically expressed
To maintain flexibility, stretching must be performed at least everyday (every 36 hours
to be precise).

Preconceived (adjective) 
to form an opinion prior to actual knowledge or experience    
The Battle of Shiloh would change all preconceived notions that the Civil War would be
short lived.

Precursor (noun) 
a forerunner; one that proceeds and indicates the approach of another
If language evolved by gradual Darwinian natural selection, we must be able to find
some precursor of it in our closest relatives, the chimpanzees.

Predator (noun) 
one that preys, destroys, or devours 
Sea lions, seals, and sharks are natural predators of the salmon.

Predecessor (noun)
one that precedes; especially : a person who has previously occupied a position or office to  which another has succeeded 
Scientists have unearthed three 160,000_year_old human skulls in Ethiopia that are the 
oldest known and best preserved fossils of modern humans' immediate predecessors. 

Preface (noun) 
a short section of preliminary remarks
Renaissance books established the convention of the preface that is found in most books
of today.  

Preliminary (adjective)    
Avian (bird) mortality is being studied currently to determine if industrial wind turbine
farms contribute to the demise of large birds of prey such as golden and bald eagles. 
Preliminary results indicate that avian mortality is specific to the site (if it's on a
flyway), not the turbines in general.  

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