Tuesday, August 14, 2012

< V > TOEFL Vocabulary (165)

Prolonged (adjective) 
of long duration; extending tediously beyond a standard duration
In 1772, Archbishop von Schrattenbach died, to be succeeded by Hieronymus von
Colloredo. The latter, at first sympathetic to the Mozart’s, later became irritated by
Wolfgang's prolonged absences and stubborn ways.
Prominent (adjective) 
widely known and esteemed
Thompson and Allen are respectively touted as prominent west coast and east coast
movie producers.

Promisingly (adverb) 
of, or relating to indicative of future success 
Mozart's career in Vienna began promisingly, and he was soon commissioned to write
The Abduction from the Seraglio (1782).

Promote (verb) 
to make known the positive features of a product; to provide favorable publicity for
While a psychologist openly shares psychological principles to promote treatment,
psychics use psychology as a personal tool to manipulate the client, known as the sitter,
presumably for the sitter's own good.

Prone (adjective) 
having or showing a tendency or likelihood
More areas in the world were prone to drought than those in the past.

 Propagate (verb) 
to bring into existence and foster the development of; increase
Because the rate at which a wave loses its energy is inversely related to its wave length,
tsunamis not only propagate at high speeds, they can also travel great, transoceanic
distances with limited energy losses.

Propel (verb) 
to force to move or advance with or as if with blows or pressure  
After a person chews and swallows, the food is propelled down the ten inches of
esophagus and into the stomach.

Propeller (noun) 
revolving shaft with blades, especially for propelling a ship or airplane
As the plane uses jet engines or even a propeller in some cases, to move itself forward,
air rushes by the wing.

Propensity (noun) 
an inclination or tendency to something
Sakaltutan women show a low rate of remaining within their villages (just over 50%)
and a high propensity to marry men in other locations.

Proponent (noun) 
one who supports or champions an activity, institution, etc. 
Morehouse College president Benjamin Mays and other proponents of Christian social
activism influenced King's decision after his junior year at Morehouse to become a
minister and thereby serve society.

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