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< V > TOEFL Vocabulary (166)

Proportion (noun) 
satisfying arrangement marked by even distribution of elements, as in a design
The cut of a diamond refers to its proportions.

Prospector (noun) 
one who searches for something, especially valuable minerals: gold, silver, and diamonds.
In the mid 1870s, gold was discovered, and press reports brought a rush of prospectors
to California.

Prosperity (noun) 
steady good fortune or financial security; a state of health, happiness, and prosperity 
Many gay couples are enjoying a higher level of economic prosperity than the average
American and don't feel constrained in any way by a lack of marriage rights.

Protagonist (noun) 
the main performer in a theatrical production
Given to reading books of chivalry, the protagonist Alonso Quijano, influenced by the
exploits of his heroes, loses his mind and decides to become a knight, go out in search of
adventure, and impose justice according to the code of the knights errant.

Protruding (adjective) 
to curve outward past the normal or usual limit
An anorexic person has protruding ribs and resembles a skeleton, yet usually denies
being thin.

Proverb (noun) 
a usually familiar statement expressing an observation or principle generally accepted as 
wise or true
Many Biblical proverbs are used in Western culture as informative verses by which a
person can effectively govern his life.

Provision (verb) 
to provide as of supplies; to be prepared beforehand
This species nests in the ground and provisions its nest with cicadas.  

Prowess (noun) 
distinguished bravery; especially : military valor and skill; extraordinary ability 
It was in England, at the Crystal Palace-the popular name for the first World's Fair, held
in London in 1851-that America's industrial and technological prowess was first widely

Prowl (verb) 
to roam over in a predatory manner; to move about or wander stealthily in or as if in 
search of prey
At sea, large ships with heavy gear prowl in search of fish. 

Psychic (noun) 
considered to have powers such as telepathy [paranormal communication of thoughts, 
especially with the deceased] or clairvoyance [being to able to tell the future beyond the 
normal sensory contact]   
In the majority of cases, sitters go to psychics to address a personal problem, whether
it's travel, health, expectations, sex, career, ambitions, or money.

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