Tuesday, August 14, 2012

< V > TOEFL Vocabulary (181)

Sensation (noun) 
the capacity for or an act of responding to a stimulus
Cognitive Psychology is concerned with mental processes and their effects on human
behavior and focuses on phenomena such as: sensation, perception, motor control,
attention, memory, learning, language, reasoning, problem solving, and decision

Sentinel (noun)  
something or someone that watches over
When feeding in a field, crows usually post a sentinel on a lofty perch to sound a
warning if any danger should approach.

Serendipitous (adjective) 
characterized by the faculty of finding valuable or agreeable things not sought for 
Until modern methods of oil prospecting were put into place, most oil strikes were

Set apart (verb) 
to make noticeable or different
But every metro area that’s set apart geographically — a Houston, a Denver, and a
Burlington, Vermont qualifies as a city-state too. 

Settle (verb) 
to take up permanent residence in a certain area 
After this incident, the colonists decided to return to Greenland rather than settle in

Severely (adjective) 
with a gloomy, harsh manner or appearance 
The hot weather in Palm Springs had severely tired the bicyclists. 

Sexist (adjective) 
having prejudice or discrimination, especially against women, on the grounds of sex
On the other hand, there are those who decry marriage as a sexist and patriarchal
institution that should be avoided at all costs.

Shack (noun) 
a room or similar enclosed structure for a particular person or use
They're getting people [as contestants] who watch the show already, not someone from a
shack in Kampala.

Shadow (verb) 
to shelter, especially from light 
Some scientists have speculated that the polar regions of the moon might have areas that
are permanently shadowed, hence permanently cold. 

Shaft (noun) 
a vertical or inclined opening of uniform and limited cross section made for finding or 
mining ore, raising water, or ventilating underground workings (as in a cave)
Josiah Hornblower came over with the engine to assemble and install it at the mine,
where Schuyler hoped to use it to pump water from the shafts. 

Sharpen (verb) 
to give a sharp edge to; to improve the intellect of someone
A student who doubles his reading speed sharpens his mind, hence becoming more
mentally efficient. 

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