Tuesday, August 14, 2012

< V > TOEFL Vocabulary (189)

Steer (verb) 
to control the course of
What they may not remember is that this was the war that steered the United States to
center stage as a world power. 

Stem (noun) 
the main body or stalk of a plant 
Like other rodents, the gerbil lives in semiarid regions and prefers to eat the roots and
stems of a variety of plants.

Stepchild (noun) 
a child of one's wife or husband by a former marriage
Remote sensing, a stepchild of the space age, is prying out many of Earth’s innermost

Stepped-up (adjective) 
to become greater in number, amount, or intensity
Scientists have identified a spike representing fallout from stepped-up atmospheric
testing that took place just prior to the 1963 Test Ban Treaty, which allowed for
underground tests only.

Stifling (adjective) 
oppressive due to a lack of fresh air
Due to noxious smog, there is a stifling heat in the Inland Empire during the summer.

Stigmata (noun) 
bodily marks or pains resembling the wounds of the crucified Christ and sometimes 
accompanying religious ecstasy  
St. Francis is depicted wearing a brown habit worn by Franciscan Monks and by the
stigmata over the heart.

Stimulate (verb) 
to arouse to action; to elicit a strong emotional response from
Studies have proven that using one’s vocal cords stimulates natural memory.  

Stipulate (verb) 
to demand an express term in an agreement -- used with for
The General has stipulated that there will be no weapons after 72 hours," said the
spokesman for the international force, Colonel Gerard Dubois. "Weapons that remain in
Bunya will be confiscated," he told reporters in Bunya.

Stock (noun) 
the original as a person, race, language, or animal from which others derive: source  
The low cost technology pioneered by Seahorse Ireland could be transferred to poorer
parts of the world where seahorse stocks are fast becoming depleted. 

Strenuous (adjective) 
marked by vigorous physical exertion; requiring great effort
As an individual gets older, he starts to lose his ability to perform strenuous activities
such as running or swimming. 

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