Tuesday, August 14, 2012

< V > TOEFL Vocabulary (188)

Standardize (verb) 
to bring into conformity with a standard   
Traditionally diamonds and gemstones were weighed against these seeds until the
system was standardized, and one carat was fixed at 0.2 grams.

Starch (noun) 
a white odorless tasteless granular or powdery complex carbohydrate that is the chief 
storage form of carbohydrates in plants is an important foodstuff, and is used also in 
adhesives and sizes, in laundering, and in pharmacy and medicine
Starch and cellulose are complex carbohydrates is an important foodstuff 

Startlingly (adverb) 
causing momentary fright, surprise, or astonishment 
The aftermath of the battle, with thousands of dead soldiers spread along the landscape,
reflected a startlingly realistic picture of the horrors of war.

Starvation (noun) 
the act of going for an extended period of time without food
Anorexia nervosa is a pattern of self starvation and is most common among well
educated girls who experience a lot of pressure to be thin. 

Statesman (noun) 
a person actively involved in the principles or art of government
In addition to being a great statesman, Thomas Jefferson is also known for his
scientific works and inventions.

Static (adjective) 
showing little change
The political atmosphere of this country is far from being static.

Statistically (adverb) 
of, or relating  to, or employing the principles of statistics
Possible causative agents for brain cancer in firefighters include vinyl chloride,
acrylonitrile and formaldehyde.  Studies show an elevated (but so far not statistically
significant) risk of lymphatic and hematopoietic cancers for most firefighters.

Status (noun) 
the level of credit or respect at which a person or thing is regarded by others    
Someone once remarked "a language is a dialect with an army," meaning that only the
identity of a modern state can give a form of speech that status. 

Steadier (adjective) 
consistently reliable, especially in the face of external pressures
There has been a steadier increase in crime in the inner cities this year than that of
previous years.

Steeple (noun) 
a tall structure usually having a small spire at the top and surmounting a church tower
With at least 2,500 supporters crammed into a brick lined town square, the steeple of a
Unitarian church behind him, the former Vermont governor pledged to speak ''for a new
American century and a new generation of Americans.'' 

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