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Symptom, noun (symptoms) 
indication, evidence, index, indicia, mark, sign, significant, token. 
For example, a symptom of an illness is something wrong with your body or mind that is 
a sign of the illness.
I thought I ought to let you know my symptoms have already been relieved.

Specify, noun (specifies, specifying, specified, specific, specifically) 
cite, instance, name
For example, if you specify something, you give information about what is required or     
should happen in a certain situation.
He has not specified what action he would like them to take.

Estate, noun (estates) 
acres, land, manor
For example, someone’s estate is all the money and property that he/she leaves behind
them when he/she dies. 
Mrs. Green’s specified that her estate be auctioned off for her charity.
Executor, noun (executors)
For example, an executor is someone whose name you write in your will when you want
him to be responsible for dealing with your affairs after your death.
Who is the executor?

Committee, noun (committees)   
For example, a committee is a group of people who meet to make decisions or plans for 
a large group or organization that they represent.
Has the acquisition committee decided which precision cutting machines to buy?

Acquisition, noun (acquisitions) 
acquirement, accomplishment, achievement, attainment, finish
For example, if a company or business person makes an acquisition, he/she buys            
another company or part of that company.
What will turn around our business is the acquisition of a profitable paper                         
recycling company.

Precision, noun (preciseness, precise)
accuracy, correctness, definiteness, definitiveness, definitude, exactitude, exactness,
For example, if you do something with precision, you do it exactly as it should be done.
The interior is planned with a precision the military would be proud of.
Adjective: made or done in a very exact way
The wheat is milled with precision grinding.

Profitable, adjective  
advantageous, gainful, good, lucrative, moneymaking, paying, remunerative, well-paying,
For example, a profitable organization or practice makes a profit.
Drug manufacturing is the most profitable business in America.

Interior, noun (interiors)  
inner, inner more, inside, internal, intestine, inward
For example, the interior of a country or continent is the central area or it.
The Yangzi River would give access to much of China’s interior.

Grind, verb (grinds, grinding, and ground) 
drudge, grub, muck, plod, slave, slog, toil
For example, if you grind a substance such as corn, you crush it between two hard 
surfaces or with a machine until it becomes a fine powder.
Store the peppercorns in an airtight container and grind the pepper as you need it.

Clarify, verb (clarifies, clarifying, clarified) 
clear, clear up, elucidate, explain, illuminate, illustrate, explain
For example, to clarify something means to make it easier to understand, usually by    
explaining it in more detail. (Formal)
Thank you for writing and allowing me to clarify the present position.

Specification, noun (specifications) 
requirement, guideline
For example, a specification is a requirement which is clearly stated, For example about the 
necessary features in the design of something.
I’d like to buy some land and have a house built to my specification. 

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