Sunday, August 12, 2012

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Canine (noun) 
From dawn until dusk, there are dozens of things for humans and canines to do
together: sports, games, lectures, contests, and crafts. 

Carbohydrate (noun) 
energy producing organic compound containing carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen
There are three main food categories: carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. 

Cardiac (adjective) 
of, near, or affecting the heart
Cardiac rehabilitation professionals find themselves increasingly drawn into
discussions about healthcare reform, particularly when it relates to cost containment. 

Cardiovascular (adjective) 
of the heart and the blood vessels as a unified body system
About one of every two Americans dies of cardiovascular disease.

Cargo (noun) 
something carried physically
Cargo-carrying ships docking at the Port of Los Angeles are unloaded each day, and the
goods from those ships contain merchandise which is shipped to businesses all over the
United States.

Carnivore (noun) 
any of an order of typically flesh-eating mammals that includes dogs, foxes, bears, 
All spiders are carnivores, so they eat a variety of insects and will inject enzymes into
their food either before or while they are breaking it up. 

Cascade (noun) 
small waterfall, especially one in a series   
The cascades and rapids on the Kern River are some of the most difficult in California
for kayakers. 

Cataclysmic (adjective) 
broadly : an event that brings great changes; a momentous and violent event marked by 
overwhelming upheaval and demolition 
But as such cataclysmic collisions occur on average only once in a million years or so, 
are they really worth worrying about? 

Causative (adjective) 
producing an effect
Possible causative agents for brain cancer in firefighters include vinyl chloride,
acrylonitrile and formaldehyde.

Cavalry (noun) 
combat troops mounted originally on horses but most often in motorized armored vehicles
If a member of your party is buried by an avalanche, his only real chance of survival is if
you rescue them; don't go for help unless you're sure they're dead, because they will be by
the time you get back with the cavalry.  

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