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< V > TOEFL Vocabulary (77)

Cavern (noun) 
a hallow in the side of a cliff, a hill, or beneath the earth’s surface
Sabah, Malaysia is home to the largest cavern in the world.

Cavity (noun) 
a space in an otherwise solid mass
Our larynxes are low in our throats, and our vocal tracts have a sharp right angle bend
that creates two independently modifiable resonant cavities (the mouth and the
pharynx or throat) that defines a large two dimensional range of vowel sounds.

Cease (verb) 
to bring or come to a natural or proper conclusion, to come to a termination
The lake disappears soon after the rains cease in the spring.

Cease-fire (noun) 
a military order to cease firing; a suspension of active hostilities 
If those assurances are given, Palestinian officials said, the Palestinian Authority will
accept the cease-fire proposal from the three radical groups and an announcement will
be made in Cairo where the Egyptian government has been instrumental in getting the
radical groups to consider halting their attacks.  

Cell (noun) 
a small compartment, cavity, or bounded space
In the country's Muslim south, the police arrested three men they said were members of a
terrorist cell that was planning to attack embassies and entertainment spots.

Cellulose (noun) 
the chief substance composing the cell walls or fibers of all plant tissue
Starch and cellulose are complex carbohydrates.

Cement (verb) 
to join or unite or as with cement
It began in the early 1970s, when lesbian and gay couples applied for marriage licenses,
asked courts to allow one partner to adopt the other, and took other steps to legally
cement their relationship.

Cemetery (noun) 
a place for the burial of the dead; a graveyard
Many of the soldiers killed while fighting in Vietnam have been buried in a cemetery in
Washington D.C. 

Centrist (adjective) 
moderate, not extreme
The Senate bill was centrist enough for Republican Leader Frist and Democratic Leader
Tom Daschle to support it.

Certified (adjective) 
to confirm formally as true, accurate, or genuine
A laboratory certified clarity rating of SI2 represents the point at which inclusions in a
diamond are technically not apparent to the average naked eye.

Chameleon (noun) 
any of the various American lizards capable of changing their color
Usually, the green anole lizard is sold in pet shops as a chameleon, but actually the true
chameleon and the green anole are different animals. 

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