Monday, August 13, 2012

< V > TOEFL Vocabulary (94)

Desegregate (verb) 
to open to all people regardless of race 
Montgomery buses were desegregated in December, 1956, after the United States
Supreme Court declared Alabama's segregation laws unconstitutional.

Designate (verb) 
to make known or identify, as by signs
The absolute finest colorless stone carries a D rating, descending through each letter of
the alphabet to Z, designating a diamond of light yellow, brown, or gray.  

Desolate (adjective) 
devoid of inhabitants and visitors; deserted
The Sinai Peninsula is a desolate desert region in northeast Egypt. Its terrain includes a
sandy coastal plain, a high limestone plateau, and mountains.

Destabilize (verb) 
to take out of balance so as to make it unstable
A landslide or slope failure occurs when steep slopes are destabilized by excess water
accumulation in the soil, the addition of excess weight to the top of a slope, the removal of
support from the bottom of a slope, or a combination of the above.

Detect (verb) 
to perceive, to discover 
Scientists detected Chernobyl radioactivity in snow at the South Pole, a graphic
reminder of how small our planet is.  

Detergent (noun) 
a cleansing agent such as soap
Waste water often containing detergents encourage the growth of algae.

Deteriorate (verb)  
to become in a less than perfect or whole condition in quality, functioning, or condition
The heartbreak of watching your loved one slowly deteriorate, coupled with that
person's growing need for supervision and personal care, often causes caregivers to feel
overwhelming stress. 

Determinate (adjective) 
having defined limits 
In a sharp contrast to monkeys, human children pick up thousands of words
spontaneously, combine them in structured sequences in which every word has a
determinate role, respect the word order of the adult language, and use sentences for a
variety of purposes such as commenting on interesting objects.

Detrimental (adjective) 
causing harm or injury
Continuing to stretch by bouncing one’s body is detrimental in the long run as the body
will start to adapt against it and one may find it difficult to stretch properly at all. 

Devastate (verb) 
to destroy completely while conquering or occupying
As the tsunami's speed diminishes as it travels into shallower water, its height grows,
consequently making its effects devastating to a coastal community.

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