Monday, August 13, 2012

< V > TOEFL Vocabulary (99)

Diurnal (adjective) 
opening during the day and closing at night
In rural areas, businesses are mostly diurnal because there is not a large enough
population base to sustain extended hours operation.

Division (noun) 
one of the parts into which something is divided
William Tecupseh Sherman, division commander, was quoted saying to reporters,
"Take your regiment to Ohio. No enemy is nearer than Corinth."

Dizzying (adjective) 
vastly exceeding the normal limit, as in cost 
Driven by dizzying mutations in medical costs, program directors and staff ponder the
disruptive dynamism of these new reforms.

Doctorate (adjective) 
any degree at the highest level awarded by universities
A student intending to teach and conduct sociological research will most likely need a
master’s or a doctorate degree. 

Document (verb) 
anything serving as proof
Although explosive eruptions at Kilauea are infrequent, deposits of ash discovered by
United States Geological Survey and other scientists document that they actually occur
about as often as explosive eruptions from volcanoes in the Cascade Range of the Pacific
Northwest, which includes Mount St. Helens, Washington.

Doggedly (adverb) 
with firm perseverance; with irrational determination of fixity of purpose
The attack pushed most Union divisions back to reform elsewhere. Others fought
doggedly to hold their line.

Domesticate (verb) 
to train to live with and be of use to man
The single-humped Arabian camel has been domesticated for more than 5,000 years.

Dominant (adjective) 
most important, influential, or significant
The abuse memories contained within alters are not typically accessible to the
dominant personality.     

Dormant (adjective) 
in a state of temporary inactivity
Farther north of Stovepipe Wells is more salt pan and a dormant volcanic area which
includes Ubehebe Crater.

Downdraft (noun) 
a downward air current
The strength of intense downdrafts that emerge from Rocky Mountain storms can stir
up severe weather downstream. 

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