Sunday, September 23, 2012

< TJ > Vocabulary - Pengucapan 'man' berbeda pada 'spiderman' dan 'huntsman'

By Elisa Alif
11 Sept 2012
Via facebook

< T >
dear Bert,
i've seen teh adv of "The Amazing Spiderman" and being inquired of something,
u know, how could man in spiderman be pronounced as well as man in huntsman don't????
please correct my sentence if there a mistake :)
thx a lot Bert

< J >
my correction for the question:
I have watched the adventure of “The Amazing Spiderman” and am wondering about something.
How could ‘man’ in “spiderman” be pronounced differently than ‘man’ in “huntsman”?
My answer for the question:
‘man’ in superhero characters (superman, batman, spiderman) is pronounced differently than ‘man’ in huntsman, sportsman, fireman, horseman, woman.

as to why it is pronounced differently on different words, I have no idea.. :)
English is a unique language which has so many irregularities. Why is the "ch" in "chord" and "chore" pronounced differently? Also, man in “man” and “woman” is pronounced differently.

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