Sunday, September 23, 2012

< TJ > Vocabulary - When to use 'good morning', 'good afternoon', & 'good evening'

By Reza Zulfi Prasetya
22 Sept 2012
Via facebook

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Selamat siang! How do i say it in english?N when does this greeting starts n ends(i mean time duration)?plz correct,too

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correction for your question:
"When does this greeting start and end?"

(don't put the 's' as in starts and ends when asking because the aux-verb 'does' is used before the subject)

the following classification can be used as reference:
good morning: 12 AM - 12 PM (early morning - lunch)
good afternoon: 12 PM - 5/6 PM (after lunch - finish working/have dinner)
good evening: 5/6 PM - 12AM (after dinner - midnight)

'good night' is not a greeting, it is a parting or if we want to go to bed.
if it is still not that late, we can just say 'have a good evening' or simply 'good bye' when parting (berpisah).

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