Sunday, September 23, 2012

< TJ > Vocabulary - Use of 'simply'

By Reza Zulfi Prasetya
21 Sept 2012
Via facebook

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So how does the usage of 'simply'?

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The question is better this way: "How to use the word 'simply'?"

The word 'simply' is an 'adverb'
The word 'simply' is not an 'adjective'

The use of 'simply':
1. He dresses simply. (plain and simple way of dressing)
2. The teacher explained the concept simply. (explaining something clearly)
3. It is simply a matter of miscommunication. (merely, only; it is only a matter of miscommunicaton)
4. It is simply delicious. (absolutely delicious)
5. You are, quite simply, the best candidate for the vacant job. (frankly, speak honestly)

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