Saturday, January 5, 2013

< Conv > Bertukar Informasi (7)

13. Verifying the information
I didn't quite catch what ...?

Less Formal
Will you say it again, please?
Is it true that ...?
Is it definite ...?
I don't quite get the idea, I think.
Do you really mean that?
Do you mean to say that ...?
Do you believe that yourself?
Could you remember what you said last time?
Can you repeat what you've just said?
Can you prove it?
Are you sure ...?

Would you mind saying it again?
I am sure you didn't mean that ....
Did he assert that?
Can you confirm the fact?
Am I right to understand that ...?

14. Expressing doubt about the source of information
Less Formal
I'm really in two minds ...
I think he doesn't tell us the truth.
I don't think we should believe him.
I don't think I can rely on his information.
I can hardly believe that.
How could you believe (rely on) such news?
How can he know that?
He would never say such a thing.
He is not the man to ...
And still I don't feel confident ...

There's still an element of doubt about what you say.

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