Saturday, January 5, 2013

< Conv > Interaksi Sosial (21)

80. Asking if someone approves
Is this 0.K. now?
Is ...all right, do you think?

Less Formal
Do you think it will work?
Are you for ...?

You would be in favor of ..., wouldn't you?
You are in favor of ..., aren't you?
What is your attitude towards ...?
Is it acceptable ...?
I hope ... has support.
Do you approve of ...?
Could I ask if you approve of ...?
Could I ask for your reaction to ...?
Are you in favour of...?

81. Expressing approval
What a good idea!
That's just the job!
That's great!
That's fine!
That's a great idea!
It sounds just fine.
I'm all for ...
How fantastic!
0. K.!

Less Formal
That's the way it should be.
It's what I wanted.
It's very good.
It's just what we expected.
It's exactly what should be done.
It is just what I had in mind.
I'm very pleased ...
I'm very happy about ...
I'm very glad to ...
Good. I'm very much in favor of that.

In my opinion, it is the proper way to do it.
I would certainly give it my backing.
I entirely approve of the plan.

82. Expressing disapproval
It's all wrong.
I don't think ...'s very good.

Less Formal
Surely not!
It's wrong to ...
It isn't right to ...
Is it really necessary ...?
I'm not very happy about ...
I'm against ...
I really don't approve of ...
I can't approve of ...

In my opinion, it's quite wrong.
I'm certainly not in favor of ...
I would find it difficult to recommend ...
I should like to say how much I disapprove of…
I find it quite unsatisfactory.
I disapprove of ...
I certainly cannot give my support to ...

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