Saturday, January 5, 2013

< Conv > Interaksi Sosial (20)

77. Expressing disappointment
That's too bad.
That's a real shame.

Less Formal
What a disappointment!
That's very disappointing, I must say.
Oh, I am disappointed.
Oh dear, I was hoping for ...
I'm sorry to hear about ...
I'm rather disappointed about ... a great pity.

It comes as a great disappointment.
I must say I had hoped for ...

78. Expressing surprise
You're kidding!
You must be joking.
You don't say!
Who'd have thought it?
Well, I never!
Oh, no!
No, I don't believe it!
My goodness!
Good Lord!
Good heavens!
Fancy that!
Fancy ...
Are you serious?

Less Formal
What a surprise!
That is a surprise.
Oh, that's amazing!
I must say it surprises me.
How very surprising!

I find it very surprising.
I must say he has taken me completely by surprise.

79. Calming or reassuring someone
Try and look on the bright side.
There, there! (while padding a child - "no problem")
The best thing is to keep cool.
Steady on.
Now, now take it easy.
Now, don't get upset.
No need to get so worked up about ...
It's all right.
It is not as bad as all that.
Don't worry!
Come on! It's  0.K. !
Cheer up!

Less Formal
You really needn't worry about ...
There's really no reason for ...
There's nothing to worry about.
There's no reason to get upset about ...
Please, don't worry.
I'm sure things will turn out fine in the end.
I'm sure things will turn out all right.
I shouldn't get upset, if I were you.

You need have no fears about ...
May I assure you of ...?
May I assure you ...?
Let me reassure you ...
I assure you ...

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