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< RM > tale - Cinderella


This is the story of a kind and beautiful
girl. She lived with her father and moth-
er. They were very happy.
Then one day, her mother died. She was
very sad. A year later, her father married
The girl's new stepmother was very
unkind. She had two daughters. They wore
beautiful clothes, but they were not beautiful
or kind. The girl's new stepsisters were very
The two stepsisters were jealous of the
beautiful girl. They took the girl's beautiful
clothes and gave her an old dress. "You can
do all the housework now," they said.
The girl washed the floors. She made the
beds and she cooked the meals. In the
evenings, she sat by the fire in the kitchen.
The cinders from the fire made her feet and
dress dirty. And so the stepsisters called her
Cinderella. Cinderella was very unhappy.
One day, a man from the palace came to
the house with an invitation. The invitation
said, "The king and queen are having a party
at the palace on Saturday."
The two stepsisters were very excited."
Can I go to the party ?" asked Cinderella.
"You? You can't go to the party.You don't
have any nice clothes," said the two stepsis-
ters.And they laughed at her.
"Can you make clothes?" Cinderella's
stepmother asked.
"Yes," said Cinderella.
"Then, you can make three new dresses
for us," said her stepmother. "Now, go and
do the housework." Cinderella went to the
"Girls," the stepmother said, "we need
some material for our new dresses. Let's go
On Saturday night, Cinderella was very
busy. Her two stepsisters got dressed for the
party. And she helped them.
"Brush my hair! Find my bag! Clean my
shoes! " they shouted at Cinderella. Finally,
they were ready.
Cinderella's stepmother and stepsisters
got in their coach and went to the party.
Cinderella stood on the steps and waved
good bye. Then, she sat down and cried. "I
want to go to the party," she said.
Suddenly, she heard a voice. "Don't cry,
Cinderella." Cinderella looked up and saw a
lovely lady. She had a lovely smile.
"I'm a fairy," said the lady. "And you're a
good girl. You can go to the party."
"But I can't go to the party in this dress,"
said Cinderella.
"I can help you, with my magic wand,"
said the fairy. "Now go and find a big pump-
kin, four white mice and three lizards."
Cinderella ran and found a big pumpkin,
four white mice and three lizards. She gave
them to the fairy. The fairy waved her magic
wand and KAZOOM.
The pumpkin became a beautiful gold
The white mice became white horses.
And the lizards became handsome men.
"Now," said fairy , "close your eyes."
Cinderella closed her eyes. The fairy waved
her magic wand over Cinderella and
KAZOOM. "Now, open your eyes."
Cinderella opened her eyes and looked at
her dress. It was beautiful. And on her feet
were a pair of pretty glass shoes. "Oh thank
you," she said. " Now, I can go to the party."
"Yes ," said the fairy. "But you must leave
the party before midnight. Because the
magic stops at midnight."
"Yes," said Cinderella. " I understand."
"Now, go and enjoy the party," said the
Cinderella got in the gold coach and went
to the palace. She arrived at the party in her
beautiful dress. Everybody looked at her.
"She's very beautiful. Look at her beauti-
ful dress! Who is she?" they asked.
The prince saw Cinderella and he
thought, She is the most beautiful girl in the
"Do you want to dance?" the prince asked.
" Yes," said Cinderella.
The prince danced with Cinderella all
night. Her two stepsisters were very jeal-
ous." Who is she" they asked.
Cinderella and the prince danced and
danced. And all the ladies were very jealous.
Suddenly, Cinderella looked at the clock.
It was one minute to twelve." I must go," she
said and she ran out of the room.
" Wait!" said the prince. "Come back. I
don't know your name." Cinderella didn't
wait. She ran down the stairs. And she left a
glass shoe on the stairs.
Outside, Cinderella looked for her gold
coach. It wasn't there. There was a pumpkin,
four white mice and three lizards ran away.
She looked at her dress. It was the dirty
old dress again.
Quickly, Cinderella ran home.
The prince found the glass shoe. " This is
her shoe ," said the prince. "I must find her.
I want to marry her."
The prince went to every house in the
country. And he asked every girl," Is this
your shoe?" But all their feet were too big.
Finally, he came to Cinderella's house.
Cinderella was in the kitchen. Her stepmoth-
er opened the door. "Come in, Your
Highness," she said. She took the prince into
the living room, then she went and got her
two daughters. The two girls were very excit-
First, the oldest girl took the shoe." Look!
It's my shoe," she said and walked around
the room in the glass shoe. But her foot was
too big.
"Give me the shoe," said the prince. " It's
not your shoe."
Then the youngest sister took the shoe."
Look!" she said." It's my shoe. I'm going to
marry the prince . I'm going to be a
But, her foot was too big.
"Give me the shoe," said the prince. "It's
not your shoe." Then the prince asked, " Are
there any other girls here?"
"No," said the stepmother and the two sis-
At that moment, Cinderella came into the
room. She wanted to clean the room. She
didn't know the prince was there.
Cinderella looked at the prince." I'm
sorry," she said and ran out of the room.
"Who is that girl? Bring her here," said the
prince. "May be, it's her shoe."
"It can't be her shoe." said step mother.
"I must ask every girl in the country.
Please, bring her here now," said the prince.
The stepmother went and found
Cinderella. Cinderella put on the glass shoe.
It was her shoe.
The two stepsisters and the stepmother
were angry. But the prince was very happy.
He took Cinderella's hand and said,"You are
the girl I danced with. And you are the girl I
love. Will you marry me? "
"Yes," said Cinderella.
Cinderella married the prince and they
lived together happily.

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