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This is the story of a very vain emperor.
He didn't think about his country or his
people. He only thought about clothes.
The emperor loved clothes. He always
bought the finest and most expensive
clothes. And he always wore the latest fash-
ions. Every week, he bought some new
clothes. In fact, he spent all his money on
One day, two men decided to trick the
emperor. They were called Victor and Hugo.
Victor and Hugo knew the emperor loved
clothes and they wanted to make lots of
money. So they made a plan.
"Let's tell the emperor that we are famous
tailors," said Victor.
"Yes. And let's tell him, we can make him
some beautiful new clothes, "said Hugo.
"The most beautiful clothes in the world,"
said Victor.
The next day, the two men went to the
palace to meet the emperor. "Your majesty,"
said Victor, "we are famous tailors. And we
want to make some beautiful new clothes for
"Yes," said Hugo. "We want to make you a
very special suit. We will use a magic mate-
rial that only very clever people will be able
to see."
"We know you are a very clever man. So
we know that you will love this material,"
said Victor.
"So," said the emperor, "stupid men won't
be able to see this magic material?"
"That is correct," said Victor.
The emperor believed the two men.
"Excellent," he said. "What do you need?"
"We need some gold thread and some sil-
ver thread," Hugo replied. "And we need
some money, of course,"
The emperor gave the two men two bags
of gold coins, some gold thread and some
silver thread.
The emperor was very excited. "When can
you start?" he asked.
"We can start tomorrow," Victor replied.
That afternoon, the two men began to
make the material for the emperor's new
clothes. Clack... Whirr.... Clack ... Whirr.
They worked all afternoon and all evening.
Then, late at night, when everybody was
asleep, Hugo carried the bags of gold and the
bags of thread out of the palace. He took
them to a safe place and hid them. 
The next day, the emperor began to tell
everybody about the magic material. Soon
everybody in the palace knew about it. And,
they told their friends outside the palace.
And soon everybody in the country knew
about the magic material.

"Only clever people will be able to see this
magic material. Stupid people won't be able
to see it," they told their friends and neigh-
All week, the emperor waited to see the
material. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday... .
He counted the days. He wanted to see the
magic material but he was worried. Maybe, I
won't be able to see it. Then, people will
think I am stupid, the emperor thought, i
can't go and see it.
Then, the emperor had an idea. I won't go
and see the material. I'll send the prime min-
ister. He's very clever. He'll be able to see it,
he thought.
The prime minister was not worried. I'm a
very clever man. I'll be able to see the mate-
rial, he thought. The prime minister walked
into the room. He saw the two tailors but he
couldn't see any material.
Oh no' he thought. I can't see the materi-
al. I must be stupid. Nobody must know that
I'm stupid.
"It's beautiful, isn't it?" said Victor.
"Yes, it is. It's very beautiful," said the
prime minister.
The two men smiled and said, "Thank
you." "Do you think the emperor will like it?"
asked Hugo.
"He'll love it," said the prime minister.
Then, the prime minister left the room, and
he went to find the emperor.
"Your Majesty, the material is wonderful.
It's the most beautiful material in the world,"
the prime minister told the emperor.
The emperor was very happy. "Tell the tai-
lors that I am coming to see it," he said. "And
tell all my ministers to come here immedi-
ately. They must all come and see the mate-
All the ministers went to see the material
with the emperor. They all stood and looked
at the loom.
"Where is it?" asked the emperor excited-
ly. "Hurry up and show us."
"It's here," said Hugo. "Can't you see it?"
The emperor couldn't see it. The ministers
couldn't see it. Nobody could see it. 

"It's very beautiful," said the ministers,
looking at the empty loom.
Oh dear, thought the emperor. Everybody
can see it, But I can't see anything. I must be
stupid. Then the emperor smiled and said,
"It's beautiful. I love it. Tonight, you will
make me a suit. And tomorrow, there will be
a parade through the town, and I will wear
the suit.
The next morning, the suit was ready. The
two tailors took it to the emperor.
"Please, take off your clothes, Your
Majesty," said Victor.
"Now, try on the trousers first," said Hugo.
"Do they fit?" asked Victor.
"Yes," replied the emperor.
"Now, try on the shirt," said Hugo.
"Does it fit?" asked Victor.
"Yes," replied the emperor. "It fits me per-
"Good. Now put on the jacket," said Hugo.
The emperor looked in the mirror. He
looked very hard but he couldn't see the suit.
He could only see his underwear.
The ministers came in. They were
shocked. The emperor is only wearing his
underwear, they thought.
"Are you ready?" the prime minister asked
the emperor.
"Of course, I'm ready," said the emperor.
Then the emperor gave victor and Hugo two
more bags of gold coins. They thanked him,
and then they quickly left the palace.
The emperor was ready for the parade. All
his people were in the streets. They were
very excited. Everybody wanted to see the
emperor's new clothes.
The emperor walked proudly through the
streets in his underwear.
The people clapped and said, "The emper-
or looks very smart. His new clothes are
wonderful. The material is beautiful. It's the
most beautiful material in the world."
Then, suddenly, a boy shouted, "The
emperor isn't wearing any clothes." There
was silence. Then all people began to laugh.
"Ha ... Ha ... Ha .... The emperor isn't
wearing any clothes.  Poor man! He's walking
through the streets in his underwear," they

It was true. And the emperor knew it was
true. The boy is right, he thought. I'm not
wearing any clothes. He wanted to run back
to his palace but he couldn't. He was the
emperor. He walked slowly through the town
in his underwear.
I am vain, he thought. And this is my pun-
Finally, the emperor arrived back at the
palace. He called for his guards. "Find those
tailors and bring them here," he said.
The guards looked for the tailors every-
where but they couldn't find them.
And that day, the emperor stopped think-
ing about clothes. And he began thinking
about his country and his people. He became
a good emperor.

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