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Snow White

In a faraway land, there was a king and
queen.  They had a beautiful baby girl.
She had beautiful black hair and snow-
white skin. So the queen called her Snow
White. She loved her daughter very much.
Then one day, the queen died. Snow
White was two years old.
The king married again. His new wife was
beautiful, but she was also very cruel.
The new queen had a magic mirror. Every
day, she stood in front of the mirror and
"Mirror, mirror, on the wall,
Who is the most beautiful of all ? "
The mirror always answered:
"You, my queen.
"you are the most beautiful of all."
Every year, Snow white became more
beautiful. She was also kind and good.
Everybody in palace loved her.
The queen was not interested in snow
white. Because Snow White was not her
daughter. Then, one day, the queen asked
the mirror :
" Mirror, mirror, on the wall.
Who is the most beautiful of all ?"
And this time, the mirror answered:
" You are beautiful. It is true .
But Snow White is more beautiful
than you ."
The queen was very angry. "Snow White
must die," she said.
The queen called for the hunter. "Take
Snow White into the forest and kill her," she
said. And she gave the hunter a bag of gold
The hunter took Snow White into the for-
est. But he couldn't kill her. "You can't go
back to the palace," he said to her. "The
queen wants to kill you. You must stay in the
forest." Then he left Snow White in the for-
The hunter killed a deer. He took the
deer's heart to the palace and gave it to the
queen. "this is Snow White's heart," he said.
The queen was happy, "Snow White is
dead. Now, I am the most beautiful of all,"
she said.
Snow White walked further into the forest.
It was very dark and she was very fright-
ened. She wanted to go home.
Then, she saw a house. She went and
knocked on the door. Nobody answered, so
she opened the door and went inside.
Everything in the house was very small.
There were seven cups and seven small
plates. There were seven small forks and
seven small spoons. And there were seven
small loaves of bread.
Snow White was very hungry, so she ate
some bread. Then, Snow White was tired, so
she went upstairs. And upstairs, there were
seven little beds. Snow White lay down and
went to sleep. 

Seven dwarfs lived in the house. That
night, they came home. They found Snow
White. She was still asleep on the beds. They
were very surprised. "Who is she? What is
she doing here? they asked.
Suddenly, Snow White woke up. "Don't be
frightened," said the dwarfs. Snow White
wasn't frightened. She told the dwarfs about
the cruel queen.
"you can't go home," said the dwarfs.
"you must stay here with us."
The next morning, the dwarfs went to
work. Before they went, they said to Snow
White, "Stay in the house. And don't open
the door."
"Okay," said Snow White.
At the palace, the queen was happy. She
went to her mirror and asked:
"Mirror, mirror, on the wall,
Who is the most beautiful of all?"
And this time, the mirror answered:
"You are beautiful. It is true.
But there is a girl more beautiful than you.
Snow White isn't dead.
She lives in a house with seven beds."
The queen was very angry. "A house with
seven beds? I know that house! The hunter
didn't kill Snow White. She is at the house of
seven dwarfs. I must go there and kill her."
The queen went to the garden and got
some red apples. She poisoned an apple.
Then, she put all the apples into the basket.
She dressed in the clothes of an old woman.
Then, she went to the dwarf's house.

The queen knocked on the door. "Red
apples! Lovely red apples! Would you like
some lovely red apples?" she called.
Snow White didn't want to open the door.
But she wanted to buy some apples for the
dwarfs. She opened the window and called to
the old woman.
The old woman said, "Don't be frightened.
Come and taste this apple."
So Snow White went outside. She took the
poisoned apple and began to eat it. "Mmm…
it's delicious," she said. Then she fell to the
The queen laughed and left. "now, Snow
White is dead. I am the most beautiful of all,"
she said.
That night, the seven dwarfs came home.
They found Snow White on the ground.
"She's dead," said the youngest dwarf.
"Maybe, she's not dead. Maybe she's
sleeping," said another dwarf.
They made a glass box for her. "She can
lie in this box and we can come and see her
every day," said the oldest dwarf. They were
all very sad.
A few days later, a prince found the glass
box, and he saw Snow White. He opened the
glass box and picked her up. She can't stay
here. I must take her to the palace with me,
he thought.
The piece of poisoned apple fell out of her
mouth. Snow White opened her eyes and she
saw the handsome prince. They sat and
The dwarfs came home from work. They
found Snow White with the prince. They were
very happy because Snow White was alive
and well.
"I want to take her to the palace," said the
prince, "And I want to marry her." Snow
White and the dwarfs were very happy.
On Snow White's wedding day, the queen
stood in front of the magic mirror and asked:
"Mirror, mirror, on the wall.
Who is the most beautiful of all?"
And this time, the mirror answered:
"You are beautiful. It is true.
But there is a girl more beautiful than you.
To you this secret I must tell,
Snow White is alive and well."
The queen was very angry. She broke the
mirror. It was the magic mirror that made
her beautiful. So when the mirror broke, the
queen became old and ugly. That day, she
left the palace. And no one ever saw her
Snow White married the prince. They lived
together happily. And the seven dwarfs often
visited Snow White at the palace.

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