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Here is Country Mouse. Country Mouse
lives in a field. It is a big cornfield. He
has a nice  house in the middle of the
cornfield. Look! His house is in the tree.
Every day, Country Mouse  eats corn . He
eats corn for breakfast. He eats corn for
lunch. And he eats  corn for dinner.
And every day, Country Mouse plays in the
field with his friends.  The country is nice and
quiet. And Coutry Mouse is very happy. 
One day, a mouse from the town visits the
country. He walks through the cornfield. He
walks and thinks. The country is boring.
What can you do in the country? Nothing!
thinks Town Mouse. 
In the town, you can buy nice clothes. You
can eat good food. You can visit museums.
And you can go to the cinema . I love the
town,  he thinks.
Country Mouse sees him. Country mouse
is very kind and friendly. He invites Town
Mouse  to dinner.  "Do you want to come for
dinner at my house?"
"That's very kind of you. Thank you,"says
Town Mouse.
That evening, Town mouse and Country
Mose have dinner in the little tree house.
They eat corn for dinner.
"Mmm. I love corn," says Country  Mouse.
"Do you like corn?"
"It's okay," says Town Mouse."Please have some more ," says Country
"No, thank you. I'm full," says Town
Mouse. He doesn't like corn very much.
It is very quiet now. The birds are asleep
in their nests. The farmers are asleep in their
houses. And the rabbits are asleep in the
"It's very quiet ," says Town Mouse.
"Yes, it is," says Country Mouse. "There's
no noise! It's wonderful." 
"What do you do here? asks Town Mouse.
"Aren't you bored?"
"I'm never bored," says Country Mouse.
"In the winter,  I play in the farmhouse. It's
very warm there. And in the summer , I play
in the field."  
The  country is very boring!  thinks Town
Mouse. I'm lucky, I live in the town. Then,
Town Mouse has an idea. "Come to the town.
Come and stay with me," he says.
"That's very kind of you," says Country
Mouse. "Thank you." 
The next day,  Town Mouse and Country
Mouse get on a bus. And they go to the town.
The town is very noisy. There are a lot of
cars. There are a lot of people.  And there are
a lot of  shops  and cafes.
The people are shouting. The dogs are
barking. And the cars are beeping their
Town Mouse is smiling. He is very happy.
He likes the town.
Country Mouse isn't smiling.  He isn't
happy. He doesn't like the town. The town is
noisy and dirty. Country Mouse hates the
Town Mouse and Country Mouse walk
along the streets. "I don't like the town,"
Country Mouse thinks.
The two mice walk to Town  Mouse's
Town Mouse's house is beatiful. It is very
big. And it has a big garden.  In the garden,
there are  a lot of  beatiful  flowers. " It's a
beatiful house," says Country Mouse. "You
are very lucky."
"Thank you," says Town Mouse. "Let's go
They walk up to the path to the big front
door. They go inside. Town Mouse lives in the
kitchen. In the kitchen there are  a lot of
cupboards. And in the cupboards,  there is a
lot of food. There is some bread. There are
some jars of honey and jam. There are some
nuts and biscuits and cakes. And there is a
beatiful big piece of cheese.
"Wow!" says Country Mouse. "There is a
lot of  food."
"Yes," says Town Mouse, "I'm hungry.
Let's eat."

Suddenly the kitchen door opens.  The
mice see a  pair of  big black boots and...Oh
no! There is a cat. It is a big white cat.
"Miaow," says the cat.
The mice are frightened. They hide next to
a jar of honey. But the big white cat doesn't
smell the mice. The big  black boots and the
cat walk out of the kitchen.
The two mice watch and wait. The door
closes. "Phew!" says Town Mouse. Country
Mouse doesn't say anything. He is fright-
"It's okay, now," says Town Mouse. "I'm
very hungry. Let's eat."  Country Mouse is
not hungry now. He is frightened.
"Don't be frightened." says Town Mouse.
"Come and eat." Town Mouse eats some
cheese. "Mmm.
This cheese is good," he says.
Suddenly,  the door opens.  A big grey cat
walks in.  The big grey cat is hungry.  It
Country Mouse is very frightened. The cat
can  smell the mice.
The cat sees the mice. The cat opens its
mouth wide. Look at its sharp white  teeth!
The cheese and the jars fall to the floor.
There is a loud noise. The mice run across
the floor. The cat runs after the mice. They
run and hide behind the cupboard.
The big black boots and the big white cat
hear the noise. They come into the kitchen
again. The white cat is angry. Who is this big
grey cat? This is my house, thinks the white
cat. Then he runs after the big grey cat. The
big black boots are angry. They shout at the
big grey cat.  And the big grey cat runs out
of the house.
The two mice sit behind the cupboard and
wait. They are very frightened. Soon,the
kitchen is quiet again.
"It's okay now," says Town Mouse. "Let's
eat. I'm very hungry."
Country Mouse is not hungry. "No,  thank
you. I can't eat now.  I'm  going home," says
Country Mouse.
Country Mouse runs out of the kitchen. He
runs down the steps. He runs along the path.
He runs out of the garden. And he gets on a
bus. The bus is going to the country.
Town Mouse watches Country Mouse.
Then, he goes inside his house. He sits in his
kitchen and eats  his cheese. He is happy. He
has a beatiful big house. He has beatiful
clothes. And he has a lot of good food. "Life
in the town is good ,he thinks.  I'm very
Finally, Country Mouse arrives home. He
is happy. He sits in his cornfield and eats his
corn. "Life in the country is good, he thinks.
I'm very lucky."
The two mice like different things.

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