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< V > TOEFL Vocabulary (144)

Marine (adjective) 
of or relating to the seas or oceans
Seals move more efficiently in a marine environment. 
Marketplace (noun) 
an open space in a town where goods are offered for sale   
Because to compete in the emerging global economy, city-states have no choice: they
must mobilize all their skills to protect their center cities, grow smarter, protect their air
and water, achieve more social equity, and train their workforce to excel in an
increasingly competitive world marketplace.

Marsh (noun) 
a usually low-lying area of waterlogged ground and standing water
Although fires are thought to be destructive and dangerous, many plants, such as scrub,
marshes and pine flat woods depend on fire in order to survive. 

Massacre (noun) 
the savage killing of many victims
Adams's innate conservatism made him determined in 1770 that the British soldier
accused of the Boston Massacre was to receive a fair hearing.

Masterpiece (noun) 
a work done with extraordinary skill
For thousands of years, mythology has provided material for much of the world's great
art. Myths and mythological characters have inspired masterpieces of architecture,
literature, music, painting, and sculpture.

Maternity (noun) 
relating to being a mother, or motherhood
Two months before the birth of her cubs, a mother polar bear instinctively begins to dig a
maternity den.

Mate (verb) 
to engage in sexual intercourse; to copulate
After the black widow mates, she devours her partner.

Maturity (noun) 
adulthood; ripeness
In many countries, there is discrepancy as to what age children reach maturity.

Measure (noun) 
the formal product of a legislative or judicial body
In 1761, John Adams began to think and write and act against British measures that he
believed infringed on colonial liberties and the right of Massachusetts and the other
colonies to self-government.

Medial (adjective) 
situated in the middle; at, near, or being the center
The anterior cruciate ligament, located in the medial part of the knee structure, helps to
stabilize the knee when a person is in an upright position.

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