Tuesday, August 14, 2012

< V > TOEFL Vocabulary (145)

Median (noun) 
something, as a type, number, quantity, or degree, that represents a midpoint between 
extremes on a scale of valuation 
Stated more precisely, the median is a number that neither exceeds nor is exceeded by
more than half of the observations.  

Meditation (noun) 
the act or process of thinking
Don Quixote is an Aristotelian meditation on the nature of literature and the role of the
writer in society.

Menace (noun) 
regarded as a danger to someone or something
Causing many respiratory illnesses, automobile exhaust is a menace to human health.

Menstrual (adjective) 
process of ovulation and menstruation in female primates
An anorexic girl weighs at least 15 percent less than her ideal weight, has an extreme fear
of gaining weight, and has missed at least three consecutive menstrual periods.

Merely (adverb) 
and nothing else or nothing more
Bats' wings are modifications of the hands of the common mammalian ancestor; flying
squirrels' wings are modifications of its rib cage. The two structures are merely
analogous: similar in function.

Merry-making (noun) 
the act of showing happy satisfaction in an event; joyful, exuberant activity
Meanwhile, at the Union camp at Shiloh, the Federal troops spent a day drilling and
merry-making. Hundreds went for a swim in Owl Creek. Others rested.

Metabolize (verb) 
to change a substance, i.e., food, and its chemical nature so that it can be used for another 
When Starch is digested, our body hydrolyzes it to glucose. The glucose is then
metabolized and used for energy.

Metallic (adjective) 
consisting or characteristic of metal; having the sheen or luster of metals
To make the appearance of his automobile more attractive, the owner had his car painted
a metallic green.

Meticulous (adjective) 
showing or marked by attentiveness to all aspects or details
Professor Brown, known for meticulous attention to detail, gives exams consisting of
more than 250 questions.

Metropolis (noun) 
a large and important town
The world’s lead city-states are its greatest metropolises – New York, Tokyo, Paris,
Hong Kong, Los Angeles and their global "command and control" competitors, spread
from Chicago to Singapore. 

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