Tuesday, August 14, 2012

< V > TOEFL Vocabulary (161)

Pomp (noun) 
a ceremonial or festival display as a train of followers or a pageant
The four-day visit, aimed at patching up differences between the two countries over
issues such as the Iraq war, will be laden with state events and royal pomp such as
Tuesday evening's state banquet in Putin's honor. 

Pool (noun) 
an aggregation of the interests or property of different persons made to further a joint 
undertaking by subjecting them to the same control and a common liability
Over one's working life, that may be true, but a bachelor's degree, For example, could be a
minimum prerequisite that keeps you from being screened out of the applicant pool. 

Ponder (verb) 
to consider carefully and at length
Program directors and staff ponder the disruptive dynamism of these new heathcare
reforms. In a short time, the reforms might well be a dynamic instability in the care and
networking of patients with cardiovascular diseases. 

Portfolio (noun) 
the securities held by an investor: the commercial paper held by financial house like a bank
It's a good bet rates will rise if the prime rate increases, since the lender's cost of doing
business will be higher.  Or they may change if the lender sells its portfolio of customers
to another bank. 

Portion (noun) 
one of the parts into which something is divided
In 1848, the Virginia portion of land donated as part of the District of Columbia was
returned to that state.

Pose (verb) 
to present for attention or consideration; to put or set forth
As researchers continue to search the skies for objects that pose an impact risk, they are
also beginning discussions on how to deflect an object on a collision course with Earth. 

Possession (noun) 
those articles which belong to someone 
Junko left most of her possessions with her parents before leaving to the United States.

Post (noun) 
an office or position to which a person is appointed 
He steadily advanced at the UN, holding posts in budget, personnel, and refugee affairs. 

Postpone (verb) 
to put off until a later time
The exam was postponed until the next week. 

Posturing (noun) 
the act of representing oneself in a given character or as other than what one is
Political posturing is quite common in presidential elections.

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